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AJ Young 15.02.2013 01:56 PM

Will Justin Blackmon be able to breakout in his second season?
After a strong finish to last season, can Justin Blackmon have a strong sophomore campaign? Here's one take on that question:

Thoughts, opinions?

andygulls1 15.02.2013 10:12 PM

The key to how succcesful Blackmon will be next season will rest with who is under centre and how well the QB is protected by the line. He cannot do it alone but I have no doubt he can be better and more consistent than last season. Thre is no doubting his talent and I am reasonably confident. (Confident enough to have protected him in a keeper fantasy league I compete in).

denkmcd 15.02.2013 10:43 PM

Jerry Sullivan deciding to stay is a big positive for him and Shorts, whether it gets labelled a breakout year or not I think they are going to be a very well respected tandem by the end of the season

Pedal Bin 17.02.2013 01:24 PM

Both him and Shorts we very hit and miss. But when they were on form they were very good. As others have said a decent 'O' line to give whatever QB we have time to throw and a healthly MJD or hald decent RB would help.

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