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Razors Edge 08.03.2010 01:31 PM

The New England Patriots 2010 thread
I thought it would be good to have a thread where we can keep the roster and depth chart updated as the season goes along. If people want, we can either have one post for the roster and update it, or we can post separate rosters, for example "post Draft" roster - "Training Camp" roster - "Week 1" roster etc. We can also move people to IR and the like.

What I'll do is post the current roster and depth chart (starters in bold) as of now without injuries involved, and then we can decide what we want to do :)

__________________________________________________ __________

QB: Tom Brady; Brian Hoyer, Zac Robinson, Mike Teel.

RB: Laurence Maroney; Fred Taylor, Sammy Morris, Kevin Faulk, BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Chris Taylor, Thomas Clayton.

WR: Randy Moss - Wes Welker - Julian Edelman; Torry Holt, Brandon Tate, Taylor Price, Sam Aiken, Matthew Slater, Darnell Jenkins, Bryan Anderson, Buddy Farnham, Rod Owens

TE: Alge Crumpler; Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez, Rob Myers, Carson Butler

OT: Matt Light - Sebastian Vollmer; Nick Kaczur, Mark LeVoir, Thomas Welch.

OG: Logan Mankins - Steve Neal; Dan Connolly, Rich Ohrnberger, George Bussey.

OC: Dan Koppen; Ryan Wendell, Ted Larsen.

__________________________________________________ ___________

NT: Vince Wilfork; Gerard Warren, Damione Lewis, Ron Brace, Myron Pryor, Adrian Grady, Kyle Love.

DE: Ty Warren - Mike Wright; Darryl Richard, Brandon Deaderick, Kade Weston.

ILB: Jerod Mayo - Gary Guyton; Tyrone McKenzie, Brandon Spikes, Thomas Williams, Eric Alexander.

OLB: Derrick Burgess - Tully Banta-Cain; Pierre Woods; Rob Ninkovich, Jermaine Cunningham, Marques Murrell, Dane Fletcher.

FS: Brandon Meriweather; James Sanders, Ross Ventrone.

SS: Brandon McGowan; Patrick Chung, Bret Lockett, Sergio Brown.

LCB: Darius Butler; Devin McCourty, Terrence Wheatley.

RCB: Leigh Bodden; Jonathan Wilhite, Kyle Arrington, Terrence Johnson.

__________________________________________________ ___________

K: Stephen Gostkowski.

Zoltan Mesko.

LS: Jake Ingram.


So, as you can see, plenty of needs and areas of upgrade.

Let's see what the Draft brings.

Edit 10th March: - CB Leigh Bodden (re-signed); LB Marques Murrell (FA - Jets) added.

Edit 11th March: - RB Kevin Faulk (re-signed).

Edit 4th April: - TE Alge Crumpler (FA - Titans); DT Damione Lewis (FA - Panthers) added; positions re-ordered into "4-3"

Edit 14th April: - P David King (FA - Unattached)

Edit 21st April: - WR Torry Holt (FA - Jaguars); DT Amon Gordon (FA - unattached)

Edit 23rd April: - CB Devin McCourty (Drafted R1 #27)

Edit 24th April: - TE Rob Gronkowski (Drafted R2 #42); DE Jermaine Cunningham (Drafted R2 #53); LB Brandon Spikes (Drafted R2 #62); WR Taylor Price (Drafted R3 #90)

Edit 26th April: - TE Aaron Hernandez (Drafted R4 #113); P Zoltan Mesko (Drafted R5 #150); OC Ted Larsen (Drafted R6 #205); OT Thomas Welch (Drafted R7 #208); DE Brandon Deaderick (Drafted R7 #247); DE Kade Weston (Drafted R7 #248); QB Zac Robinson (Drafted R7 #250); RB Pat Paschall (UDFA); OLB Dane Fletcher (UDFA); WR Bryan Anderson (UDFA); SS Sergio Brown (UDFA); FS Ross Ventrone (UDFA); NT Kyle Love (UDFA); NT Gerard Warren (FA - Raiders):- added. Re-ordered positions to 3-4 alignment.

Edit 27th April: - Adalius Thomas (released) removed.

Edit 30th April: - Terrence Johnson (UDFA) added.

Edit 3rd May: - Buddy Farnham (UDFA) added.

Edit 14th May: - Derrick Burgess (re-signed) added.

Edit 19th May: - Shawn Springs (released) removed.

Edit 21st May: - Robbie Agnone, Jeff Rowe (both released) removed; Mike Teel (FA - Seattle) added.

Edit 28th May: - Isiah Stanback, Bruce Davis (released) removed.

Edit 11th June: - Amon Gordon (released) removed.

Edit 12th June: - Bryan Anderson, Mike Teel, David King (released) removed; Thomas Clayton (FA - 49ers) added.

Edit 25th June: - Pat Paschall (released) removed.

Edit 30th July: - Shawn Crable (released) removed.

Edit 2nd August:
- David Patten (retired) removed; Rod Owens (UDFA), Carson Butler (FA Giants) added.

Magnitude 08.03.2010 02:09 PM

I think one post with the roster is enough :) Good idea though. I hadn't heard of a couple of those new signees (Davis, Grady and Rowe, namely).

I think we should have a "Cut" section at the bottom in red, and a "Traded" section for players traded away, beneath that, in another colour :)

You've missed an A in Slater's name btw :p

Razors Edge 10.03.2010 04:09 PM

Updated - Bodden and Murrell added.

Razors Edge 11.03.2010 04:43 PM

Kevin Faulk added.

Razors Edge 04.04.2010 08:33 AM

Reminder to self - update when required.

Alge Crumpler added and some positions re-ordered.

patsfan100 04.04.2010 08:55 PM

didn't they sign the ex carolina nt/dt, it was on espn???

Razors Edge 04.04.2010 08:56 PM


Originally Posted by patsfan100 (Post 1122276)
didn't they sign the ex carolina nt/dt, it was on espn???

Yeah, forgot to mention him.

Razors Edge 04.04.2010 08:58 PM

Right, added his name on the edit list. I put him in and completely forgot to mention his name. D'oh.

Razors Edge 14.04.2010 10:05 PM

David King added.

Razors Edge 21.04.2010 11:07 PM

Holt and Gordon added.

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