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duesouth10 10.01.2010 08:51 PM

Draftable Senior Prospects Review - Bowl Games Part 3
Finally got through the remainder of the Bowl games and here's the final part of my review - next up will be the East West Shrine Game.

Outback Bowl – Auburn vs Northwestern


Ben Tate – RB – Tate looks to have a nice combination of size and speed. He’s big and strong enough to move the pile and get yards after contact – but he can also bounce runs outside and turn the corner. He runs with good body lean and looks like a decent prospect.

Antonio Coleman – DE – Coleman was very effective rushing the passer. He has the speed to turn the corner, but also has nice quick feet to fake one way and go the other – plus a nice bull rush where he can get under his man and drive back. Wasn’t used in space at all, so he’ll have that to learn – but pass rushing ability will mean he isn’t left waiting too long to hear his name called.

Walter McFadden – CB – many times it’s difficult to get an idea of what a CB can do as top prospects aren’t often tested in a game – no one can accuse Northwestern of not testing McFadden! Overall, I thought McFadden responded well – the only thing he really did wrong was stay in when he cramped up as he was picked on. The interception he returned for a touchdown was a very nice play – a nice read and break and then a nice play on the ball. His other interception was a nice catch, which many WR’s would have been proud of. McFadden showed he takes good positions and turns his head to see the ball and has enough speed to stay with his man. He looks a little thin and could do with getting stronger (see his missed tackle down the sideline) but he looks like a good prospect.


Mike Kafka – QB – Kafka had a mixed day – but overall threw too many interceptions. He did show strength of character to bounce back from them, but his accuracy was off far too much. The best pass he throws is the touch pass – he can drop the ball in to his man over the LB and in front of the S. His arm doesn’t always look the best – but he did throw a very nice TD on a corner route which was zipped in on a rope before the Safety could get across. Kafka can run well and could see some Wildcat time – but he will need to improve his accuracy and as a spread QB learn to drop from Center and read defenses.

Corey Wootton – DE – I’ve seen a fair bit of Wootton this year and generally he has looked better each time I have seen him as he continues his recovery from knee surgery. However, in this one he was a non factor and did not play up to his first round billing. He was up against a Senior OT in Andrew McCain – but with due respest to McCain, he’s a fairly heavy footed player and not really viewed as a pro prospect. Despite this, Wootton was only able to pressure the QB a couple of times and make a tackle against the run. Disappointing performace.

Sherrick McManis – CB – McManis was only thrown at a couple of times, but looked good. He made a nice interception on a double pass – breaking nicely on the ball to make the play. He had one short pass caught on him – but he was out of his break quickly and made the tackle immediately. Made a couple of tackles in the run game and recovered a fumble.

Brad Phillips – S – Phillips was active in the run game, making several tackles and also forcing a fumble. Speed is an issue with him, however, as coming up to make a play on the RB he was unable to make the tackle as the RB beat him to the corner. He was also sucked up on a reverse pass, letting the WR get behind him.

Gator Bowl – Florida State vs West Virginia

Florida State

Dekoda Watson – OLB – Watson looked best when he had his hand down as a DE rushing the passer. He was able to make 2 sacks – one beating the tackle for speed outside and the other on a nice inside move. Listed at 226, he’s not big enough for a 3-4 OLB. As a LB he is very aggressive – but often too aggressive – shooting the gap but often taking himself too far up the field and out of the play. He works hard to get off blocks, with a nice spin move – but the concern with him is that his play says his pro position would be as a 3-4 OLB, but his size suggests 4-3 WOLB – we’ll have to see what he weighs in at and project from there.

Patrick Robinson – CB – Robinson was beaten for a TD on a stop go move – where he bit on the stop move and then slipped – with his recovery speed, he might have rescued the situation if he hadn’t slipped. He showed his deep coverage ability late in the game where he was tight to his man on a deep corner route. He showed his speed and effort by chasing down a play and making the tackle at the 5 yard line, when he had been initially held up by a WR. Overall, it’s difficult to really judge Robinson being tested so little – he’s fast and aggressive – hopefully he’ll play in the Senior Bowl.

West Virginia

Jarrett Brown – QB – Brown showed his athletic ability with some nice runs, but as a passer he didn’t look so good. He seems to try and make the perfect throw every time – he uses touch too often which gives defenders time to recover. His interception was a good example – trying to touch the ball into his man, but underthrew it and got picked off. I would love to see him step back and put some zip on the ball. Has tools, but needs much work. Possible wildcat QB with his running ability.

Alric Arnett – WR – Arnett had a quiet game – he dropped 2 passes and only caught one pass fairly late in the game. He did look good as a blocker, but he looks like a late round/free agent type on this performance.

Selvish Capers – OT – Capers is rated as a first round pick by many, but I have major concerns about him. I feel he’s stronger as a run blocker – he is able to drive and also turn out very effectively. His big problem in this regard is his hand placement – he was called for holding once in this game, but where his hands are so far outside you could call it more frequently. As a pass protector he has problems – he leaves his feet far too much and has too wide of a base – he also doesn’t lock up his man, instead just shoving them back and letting them attack again. He does look like he can get to the second level and he looks quite flexible for a big man, but I wouldn’t take him as high as he’s being touted.

Reed Williams – MLB – you can see why Williams has had shoulder surgery as he is a violent player. He takes on blocks at full speed and often is able to get off them through the force of his hit – or push his man back into the ball carrier. He plays under control, but missed a few tackles in this one – so I’m not sure how much his previous shoulder problems may affect his ability to wrap up. His speed is a concern – he looks like a 3-4 system would suit him better – but he’s listed at 228, so may be a little small. Fun player to watch – his medical will be important, but overall may be a tweener.

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duesouth10 10.01.2010 08:52 PM

Capital One Bowl – LSU vs Penn State


Trindon Holliday – RB/returner - Holliday was featured much more than he has been this season. He looks very dangerous as a returner and can turn the corner as a RB. His size is clearly a concern, but could find a spot as a returner and occasional threat in the backfield.

Brandon LaFell – WR – I’ve not been high on LaFell this season as he’s had two or three drops in every game I’ve seen – but in this one he only dropped one low swing pass. He showed the reason he’s so highly rated with his athletic ability – looking fast for a bigger receiver. He does, however, catch the ball in his body too much and on his TD reception, he made an effort to catch with his hands away from his body but bobbled the ball before securing. Overall an excellent athlete with questionable hands.

Ciron Black – OT – the heavy field really made Black look very heavy footed as he looked slow and deliberate setting up in pass protection. However, once he gets his hands on his man, then it’s over. He looks to have long arms and is powerful. He looks a Flozell Adams type – he may be a RT, but with those long arms, he might get by for some teams at LT.

Rahim Alem – DE – Alem struggled big time in this game as he was dominated by Dennis Landolt and even had problems when he had a TE over him. His athletic ability will give him a shot, but he doesn’t do enough for me.

Al Woods – DT – Woods had some good moments against the run – showing quickness off the ball, some strength to drive his man back and ability to get off blocks and make plays. He was quieter as a pass rusher, but he has ability and I think can contribute on 1st and 2nd down.

Perry Riley – OLB – Riley had a good game – he reads the game well, looks athletic enough and is also to get off blocks and make plays. He gets nice and low and gets under his blocker. He has good size and can hit and looks like a good prospect.

Penn State

Daryll Clark – QB – Clark at times look like a very good prospect – he has a decent arm and can put good zip on his passes. He also has touch and can throw the zone pass – over the LB and in front of the DB very effectively. He can move and also can make plays when rolling out. However, he has too many break downs where he tries to make a play rather than throwing the ball away and he needs to get out of that to have a chance as an NFL QB. NFL Europe would have been perfect for him.

Andrew Quarless – TE – Quarless had an excellent game – he didn’t seem to get slowed up by the field condition and looked faster than those attempting to cover him. He caught the majority of his passes with his hands away from his body. As a blocker he was able to seal the edge effectively and delivered a really nice hit on a LB. Has good size and looks like a good prospect.

Mickey Shuler – TE – didn’t start, but saw plenty of action. Used only as a blocker in this one – where he looks good. Used in pass protection some against Alem and dominated. Against the run was able to seal and also drive. From previous games, he is a reliable short range receiver who’ll be a late round/free agent type – but could be ideal for a team who runs lots of 2 TE sets, as Penn State do.

Dennis Landolt – OT – Landolt was able to control Alem all day. His technique wasn’t the best as he was bending at the waist rather. Dominating a draftable prospect will help him, but from previous games, I don’t know if he’s athletic enough to play tackle, so might need to move inside.

Jared Odrick – DT – Odrick looks a top prospect. He is quick off the ball and can get penetrate effectively. He has a spin move and swim move – and also has good hand use to get off blocks. He made several plays in this one against run and pass and looks to be a solid first round prospect.

Sean Lee – OLB – Lee has had a stop start recovery from his knee injury, but hopefully is over the problem now and can move forward. Lee is very good in coverage – being tight to his man and showing he has a break on the ball. He was quieter than usual in the run game, but he was playing off a little. His knee is the biggest question – could be used as a 3-4 ILB as well as a 4-3 OLB.

Josh Hull – MLB – Hull is a smart player – on one play, he moved himself to the left a little right before the snap and the play came right at him – he was able to make the tackle for no gain – that shows he’s a student of the game. He made several tackles and showed he can get off blocks. I’m not sure what 40 time he will run, but his football intelligence will effectively knock a little off that. I can see him as a strong special teams player at minimum.

Jeremy Boone – P – didn’t have a strong day. Had a punt partially blocked and also had several opportunities to down punts inside the 20, but all ended up as touchbacks. Free agent type on this evidence.

Cotton Bowl – Mississippi vs Oklahoma State


Shay Hodge – WR – Hodge flashed some nice run after the catch ability in this one, but did have a couple of drops. He has good size and speed, but has been inconsistent this season – but has played better as the season has gone on. He does make some catches with his hands away from his body, but his hands aren’t natural.

Dexter McCluster – RB/WR – McCluster again showed his break away ability with a long run for a TD and several other exciting runs. He’s fast in the open field, but also quick to change direction. Likes to finish his runs – is tough for his size. His size and thus durability will drop him in the draft, but his speed excites.

John Jerry – OG – Jerry is a big man and can dominate. However, his technique does let him down as he is a heavy waist bender – this leads to him releasing his blocks sooner than he should. If he can work on knee bend, it will make him a more effective player. As it is, he might be limited to a backup or occasional starter.

Greg Hardy – DE – for the second season in a row, Hardy has had problems staying healthy, but he saw some time in this one. In limited action, he looked quick off the ball and indeed hit the QB as the threw one time when he stood up as an OLB. When healthy he looks exciting – but being injured much of the past two seasons is a real cause for concern.

Kendrick Lewis – FS – Lewis is one of the best special teams coverage players in this Draft – he made two special teams tackles in this one. On defense he had two interceptions – both on the sideline, showing good range. One was a poor throw right to him, but the other was a nice read and break on the ball. He also broke up a pass when he hit the receiver as the ball arrived forcing the incompletion. Overall, I really like Lewis.

Joshua Shene – PK – Shene had a poor day and doesn’t look like he’ll get drafted. His two field goals were no good – of 38 and 41 yards. His leg looks good, but his accuracy isn’t so much.

Oklahoma State

Zac Robinson – QB – Robinson isn’t someone who has impressed me in previous outings and I thought he really struggled in this one. His accuracy was way off and he forced some balls unwisely on too many occasions. He could still stand a chance as he’s a good athlete, but not a pro QB for me.

Keith Toston – RB – Toston was back behind Hunter in this one and did OK in limited action. He runs with decent body lean and caught a pass comfortably out of the backfield – but generally tough to really take much from so few touches.

Russell Okung – OT – Okung again looked like a fine prospect. He has good technique and strength – can drive block, but also get to the second level and engage. He sets up quickly in pass protection and has good knee bend and arm extention. Overall he dominated, but was beaten outside one time by Greg Hardy – it’s a shame Hardy wasn’t in the game more, so we could have seen a top matchup.

Andrew Lewis – OC – Lewis looked good in pass protection, with good knee bend and arm extension. He sets up nice and quickly and did well. His run blocking is good – but I feel he needs to get a little stronger to finish his blocks. Looks a solid prospect.

Andre Sexton – OLB – Sexton had an active game – he had two interceptions and blew up a number of plays – reading screens and swing passes quickly and showing good speed to get in position to make the play. He’s a little undersized, but could start out on teams and as a nickel LB type.

Patrick Lavine – OLB – Lavine made several tackles, including a nice open field one on McCluster. He showed a nice quick move on his blitz, getting to the QB as he threw. He’s listed size is a little bigger than Sexton – but they are both very active players who have a decent shot.

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duesouth10 10.01.2010 08:52 PM

Liberty Bowl – Arkansas vs East Carolina

Really, East Carolina should have won this one – but another nice example of good football outside the BCS conferences in a C-USA team and why I would like to see more of it on TV in the UK.


Mitch Petrus – OG – Petrus looks like a very good prospect when he plays in a phone booth. He does struggle more with quickness as his feet aren’t that quick. He looks quite dominant at times – he has excellent arm extension and hand placement and once he locks on, it’s all over. He’s aggressive and will finish his blocks. Still an interesting prospect.

Malcolm Sheppard – DT – Sheppard does a good job of getting off blocks, using a nice spin move a fair bit to do so. He’s not as good as a pass rusher, but he can use the spin move well. He’s perhaps a little too reliant on this move – I’d like to see different moves from him, which will come with time. He’s a good prospect he will need some work, but he has the tools.

East Carolina

Sean Allen – C – I really like Allen as a prospect and I was impressed by him once again in this one. He shows ability to get to the second level and make his blocks – as well as being able to square up and seal in close quarters. He’s also solid in pass protection, he gets his arms extended and locks his man up nicely. I really like him as a Day Three value type pick who could surprise.

C.J. Wilson – DE – Wilson had a fairly quiet game – he showed he can get some push with his pass rush, getting underneath his man – but didn’t show anything outside. He also struggled against the run rather.

Jay Ross – DT – Ross is another ECU player who I have been impressed by previously and he again impressed. He shows good stregth – driving his man right back into the RB on a run play – but also has a nice burst off the ball, penetrating on several occasions. He has a nice swim move and can also move laterally and get off blocks. Like Allen I haven’t seen him rated that highly, so he could be good value for someone later in the draft.

Van Eskridge – S – Eskridge generally looked good – he can deliver the big hit, but also gets himself into good positions to do so. He’s very active against the run. However, he did let a WR get behind him for a deep TD, where he got turned around on the play. I still like him overall, though.

Matt Dodge – P – Dodge got a little fortunate with a couple of nice bounces – but did have a punt partially blocked, which ended up going only 6 yards. He did have a nice high 50 yard punt and one punt to the Arkansas 12 yard line, but a bit of a mixed bag overall.

Alamo Bowl – Michigan State vs Texas Tech

Michigan State

Blair White – WR – White showed he can get open with some nice double moves – he’s very quick coming out of his cuts. He generally catches the ball in his body, which is a negative – but he might be someone who can play as a slot receiver with his quickness.

Brett Swenson – PK – had a 52 yard field goal blocked and also had a kick off go out of bounds – but otherwise looked good. His 44 yard field goal was comfortably good and his other kick offs were deep. He’s not a top kicker who might go in round 4, but is draftable.

Texas Tech

Brandon Carter – OG – Carter has a big reputation with his hair and war paint – but I feel it’s a little bigger than his prospects as a pro. He’s very aggressive – but his biggest problem is that he doesn’t move his feet that well, so doesn’t get square and thus releases his blocks too soon. He also is very tall for a Guard – so people tend to get under him and indeed on one occasion he was pushed on his backside by his man. I generally love aggressive O-Lineman, but his technique and height make me not his biggest fan.

Brandon Sharpe – DE – extremely quick off the ball – had numerous QB pressures – mainly with his outside speed move, but also one time with an inside move. Will need to show more moves at the next level. Flashed ability to get off blocks in the run game. Reminds me a bit of Keyunta Dawson when he was coming out of Texas Tech. Has the burst off the edge, but will need to learn to play in space.

Jamar Wall – CB – Wall is an aggressive corner, who can get a nice bump on his man. This lead to his interception as he threw off the timing of the route and had the ball thrown right at him. He was beaten deep on a double move and also lost outside contain on a kick return, but flashed some ability.

Fiesta Bowl – Boise State vs TCU

Boise State

Kyle Wilson – CB – I wasn’t as impressed with Wilson as I was earlier in the season. He was giving his man too much of a cushion, which didn’t seem to work for him as he gave up quite a few catches in front of him and missed a couple of tackles when he came up after the catch. He did make a nice play on a deep ball, but overall I didn’t think it was his best game.


Marshall Newhouse – OG – Newhouse played OLT, but looks like a pro guard as he’s not that tall or quick. He bends at the waist too much, but that might be because he struggled with the egde speed. He did flash some drive blocking ability, but overall I thought he struggled some.

Jerry Hughes – DE – Hughes is an explosive pass rusher. He turned the corner on numerous occasions and one time had a superb play, where he came off the ball slowly – diagnosed the play and then just flew past his man to the QB. He looked good standing up as well as with his hand down – although at 248, he looks to be more of a 3-4 OLB. He flashed ability against the run – he has a nice spin move, but did struggle at times to get off his block. Looks a good prospect – will need to learn to play in space.

Daryl Washington – MLB – Washington diagnoses plays quickly and has good speed to get to the hole and make the play before he can be blocked. He did this several times against swing passes and screens. He struggled a little more getting off blocks, but was able to do so on a couple of occasions. Might be a WOLB until he can bulk up a little.

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duesouth10 10.01.2010 08:54 PM

Orange Bowl – Georgia Tech vs Iowa

Georgia Tech

Cord Howard – OG – Howard stayed on his feet a little more than when I’ve seen him previously. He looks like he needs to get stronger as he doesn’t lock on and drive and released his blocks a little too early. Late round type for me.


Tony Moeaki – TE – I thought Moeaki had a solid game. He made a couple of nice passes with soft hands and showed excellent run after the catch ability on his short catch he turned into a 50 yard gain. As a blocker he’s not the best, but he does have a good frame and would hope he can develop.

Kyle Calloway – OG/OT – interestingly Calloway was moved inside to Guard in this one, which is a shame as I was looking forward to his matchup with Tech’s Derrick Morgan. However, it did give us a chance to see Calloway inside and overall I would say I prefer him at RT. Inside he was pushed back into the backfield on quite a few occasions as his man got under him and won the leverage battle. At 6’7”, inside it’s tough for him to get under a shorter DT. His technique generally looks good and he did win his fair share of battles, but overall I think he’s more of a T than G.

A.J. Edds – OLB – quite tricky to judge Edds as he was playing assignment football against the option and when you don’t know his assignment you can’t really judge him. Once again he showed his coverage ability, getting a nice pick and also made a fair few tackles. I really like him as a prospect.

Pat Angerer – MLB – Angerer seemed to be the free man and thus was able to fly around a little more than Edds was able to. Angerer did a good job all day of getting through traffic and off blocks and made several tackles. He looks to be the best of the second tier of MLB prospects.

GMAC Bowl – Central Michigan vs Troy

Central Michigan

Dan LeFevour – QB – LeFevour has a nice quick release and a decent enough arm, able to thread the needle, although his arm isn’t over powering – his deep balls tended to be under thrown a touch. He has good touch and throws a catchable ball. He can hang in the pocket and deliver the pass, but is also mobile enough to get out of trouble when necessary. I wouldn’t say he’s a top prospect, but I would certainly think he has a chance to develop down the road as long as he’s not asked to throw the deep ball too often.

Bryan Anderson – WR – although Anderson doesn’t have top end speed (he was unable to run through a deep pass one time) he looks like he will be a reliable possession receiver at the next level. His hands are generally good – he catches the ball away from his body and made a nice catch of a low ball, where he was able to get his hands under nicely. I would have liked to have seen him track down the deep ball which hit him in the helmet, but overall I came away with a positive impression of him.

Andrew Aguila – PK – Aguila’s first field goal attempt of the day was one to forget – but otherwise he was perfect – including the game winner in overtime. He looks to have a decent leg on his field goals. His kick offs were fairly short though, which downgrades him.


Levi Brown – QB – the main thing that struck me about Brown was his footwork. Most spread QB’s maybe take a step back, but generally there is little footwork. However with Brown – he gets the snap and then drops back a few steps with traditional type footwork, which is a nice positive for him. His arm is a little stronger than LeFevour’s I feel, over throwing a deep ball and showing good zip on his passes. His accuracy is off a little at times, but he has touch and throws a nice ball. He’s mobile enough to buy time in the pocket. Not much between him and LeFevour I felt – both impressed.

Brandon Lang – DE – Lang is rated as a first round prospect, but I was very disappointed with his performance in this one. He made a couple of nice plays in space, but didn’t show a real burst off the ball and didn’t get much in the way of a pass rush. Didn’t show up enough to warrant a first round pick on him.

Cameron Sheffield – DE/OLB – Sheffield at listed at 238 lbs, so is a LB pro prospect. He had a much better game than Lang – getting a sack and a couple of other QB pressures with a nice outside burst and also a quick inside move. He made a couple of plays in the run game – but peeled back off his blocks, rather than sliding off. Looks to have some ability, but will need to learn to play in space.

Boris Lee – MLB – showed some athletic ability to beat his man to the hole and make the tackle, but struggled more to get off blocks and make plays. Listed at 232 lbs, might be viewed as a WOLB rather than a MLB at the next level.

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duesouth10 10.01.2010 08:56 PM

National Championship Game – Alabama vs Texas


Colin Peek – TE – Peek wasn’t used as a receiver and struggled a little as a blocker – giving up a sack in pass protection. He’s not over powering as a blocker – but does seal the edge well enough. Having seen him a number of times, I think he might struggle to make it at the next level and looks to be a later round/free agent type.

Drew Davis – OT – I thought Davis struggled somewhat in this one. He made a poor read on one play – moving inside to engage a D-Line (who the G was also engaging) leaving a LB unblocked to make a play. He struggled against edge speed, but did make every effort to turn his man up.

Mike Johnson – OG – at times Johnson looked like a top prospect as he dominated his man, showing ability to get to the second level and drive, as well as squaring up and dominating inside. However, he did have some breakdowns and thus overall an inconsistent game. Once again he left his feet too much – one time completely missing a cut block, sending his man free to make the play – as well as lacking strength at times and getting thrown off. If he can get stronger and stay on his feet I think he can be a good player – but he’s not the finished product right now.

Brandon Deaderick – DT/DE – mainly played DT in Alabama’s 4 man fronts. Made once nice play getting under his man and blowing up the play in the backfield – but otherwise was quiet.

Terrance Cody – NT – Cody wasn’t in the game very much in the second half as Texas were mainly throwing the football. He was able to make a couple of plays in the first half against the run – one time throwing off his man and making the tackle. Clearly is a run stopper only and unless he can lose some weight between now and the combine, I would say late first/early second at the earliest.

Javier Arenas – CB – it was nice to see Arenas tested a little more in this one, the result being a mixed bag. He made a nice interception and also had tight coverage on a couple of other occasions, but was beaten badly on a double move – he did recover to attempt the tackle, but missed it. He also missed another tackle in the run game. Has speed, but is undersized and thus will need to show a good 40 time and vertical jump at the combine.

Justin Woodall – S – I must admit, I’ve not been impressed by Woodall over the course of the season and he did nothing in this one to change my mind. He was fairly quiet, but did take a bad angle on one play and miss the tackle as a result.

Leigh Tiffin – PK – Tiffin continues to lack consistency and that’s a real concern if he’s to hold down a job at the next level. He was given the chance to impress with a 52 yarder, but missed it – he also missed a PAT – not the first one this year. I’d bring him in to challenge someone in camp, but wouldn’t like to rely on him.

P.J. Fitzgerald – P – didn’t out kick his coverage and give Shipley a chance to return much – nice high coverage kicks that averaged out in the low 40’s. Nice, controlled job against a dangerous returner.


Colt McCoy – QB – I’ve mentioned McCoy’s slight build in previous reviews and his durability will be highlighted by his injury. Not enough here to do much with his stock, other than concerns over his durability.

Jordan Shipley – WR – when McCoy went down, I immediately thought it was a chance for Shipley as a senior to step up and help his new QB out. Just as I was ready to write him off at the half – he exploded and made several plays. He is very quick – making numerous double moves and getting open as a result. He did have two drops and catches most things in his body, which is a negative – but he does look a decent slot WR prospect.

Adam Ulatoski – OT – Ulatoski had a decent game – he wasn’t tested by top speed off the edge and as a result looked good. He did made a bad read and let a LB go untouched to the QB, but otherwise played well.

Chris Hall – OC – Hall was injured midway through the game, but struggled before he went out of the game. He’s not that quick, so struggled to get to the second level and also was over powered on more than once occasion.

Lamarr Houston – DT – Houston had another good game. He continues to be able to disrupt with quickness off the ball and also shows good strength to get off blocks and make plays. He uses a swim move with good results and shows stack and shed ability also. A very good prospect.

Sergio Kindle – OLB/DE – Kindle was matched up against a TE quite a bit in this often and won these battles comfortably – making several nice plays. Kindle is an explosive athlete, but also shows football intelligence to read plays such as a naked bootleg, where he kept contain, got off a block and made the play. His off the field troubles will be the main consideration for anyone interested in a fine player.

Roddrick Muckelroy – MLB – Muckelroy did OK in this one, but did miss a few tackles as he struggled with Ingram’s power. Was able to get off blocks at times, but not consistently. Looks more of a WLB prospect.

Hunter Lawrence – PK – had one short field goal and also a 42 yarder, which he made comfortably. Looks a good prospect, but as he doesn’t kick off we’ll need to check that out in the post season.

Prospect of the Week: Sergio Kindle – OLB/DE – Texas (ignoring off the field concerns)

Later Round Prospect of the Week: Sean Allen – C – East Carolina

Thanks to those who have read the reviews all year - and thanks to Draft Daddy for linking the reviews in their blog.

Hope to have a Shrine game review a little after that plus some Combine notes when I can get hold of the numbers - and then top 5's by position.

The_Hangman 10.01.2010 09:16 PM

Great stuff, cheers man.

Ironwolf 10.01.2010 10:26 PM

You're my new favourite poster. Bookmarked for future reference.

VABrit 10.01.2010 11:38 PM

A great effort as always duesouth! Just wanted to pick up on some of your player reviews:

Alric Arnett - WV - After his junior year I was expecting a lot. Pat White found him when Pat White needed a receiver. He also was able to play at all 4 of WV's WR positions. I had high hopes for when he became a Senior - he could have become a real sleeper. This year he became inconsistent and what people saw of him in the Gator Bowl is a good assessment of what he is. He never really grapsed the role of a number one receiever where as Jock Sanders emerged into this role for WV. Arnett only averaged 45.1 yds per game but did have 13.6 yds a reception. I feel if he has an excellent training camp such as Kevin Ogeltree did with Dallas then he could stick

Jerry Hughes - DE - TCU. I noticed he is going to the senior bowl as a LB, which should suit a 3-4 team with his size and speed. He is very quick off the ball and does a nice job of getting under a OT and shedding them on pass plays. As an OLB I feel he will be quick enough to get parallel to an RB to keep him moving sideways. To me I would pick him over Morgan or Kindle

Kyle Callaway - OT - Iowa. I agree with you wholeheartedly on this one. I don't know why the big man was playing guard and as you say at his height he found it difficult to get the defender moving backwards on running plays. I think he would make a decent NFL tackle, yet I wonder if they put him inside because of Morgan?

Terrance Cody - NT - Alabama. I am not sold on Cody. Against stronger Olines he really has just looked average. I don' think he is a complete NT at this point in his football career. He is an excellent runstopper an on running plays can entertain 2 blockers. On passing plays he seems slower off the ball and seems to stick to simple bullrushing. A top 10 pick to me is a reach

Sergio Kindle - Texas - DE/OLB. Again to me he will be more a OLB in the NFL. I noticed ESPN ruled him out as a decent prospect in the draft because he wouldn't be able to keep up with the mythical SEC speed. I think he has good speed and has become more disciplined, especially against the run. If his offseason problems get put behind him there is no reason why he can't shine like Orakpo has this season!

Ironwolf 11.01.2010 11:08 AM


Originally Posted by VABrit (Post 1067090)
Terrance Cody - NT - Alabama. I am not sold on Cody. Against stronger Olines he really has just looked average. I don' think he is a complete NT at this point in his football career. He is an excellent runstopper an on running plays can entertain 2 blockers. On passing plays he seems slower off the ball and seems to stick to simple bullrushing. A top 10 pick to me is a reach

I dont see him in the first round even. What team is going to make him their first pick? Far too high risk.

VABrit 11.01.2010 01:52 PM


Originally Posted by Ironwolf (Post 1067941)
I dont see him in the first round even. What team is going to make him their first pick? Far too high risk.

I agree - yet many "experts" seem to have him as Top 10!! Mind you these "experts" aren't NFL scouts!! For me, I wouldn't be touching him until I saw some pass rushing skills

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