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gibletmc1992 14.12.2015 01:20 PM

Draft 2016 - if things stay as they stand in the 2016 draft order who would you be looking to sign/ where would you be looking to strengthen?

Lonestar1963 14.12.2015 10:52 PM

hate talking about the draft already the play offs havnt even started, BUT if i have to, do we look at a back up for Romo or a back? Linebacker? defensive line man? i think we need to look at whats happened this season, OFFENSE is rubbish without Romo/Bryant working together, and we have problems on D stopping the run, and with special teams, if there is a quality back in the draft then i think thats priority we need a consistent run even if it means Murray coming back? i dont know why we let him go in the first place...cap jeez so many things to ponder..ok Linebacker- no wait, a big run stuffing DT :rolleyes:

RichardCunliffe 05.01.2016 10:14 PM

A long road ahead, and plenty of college players to watch, but what's the general opinion of our needs going forward.

If all players were rated the same what position would you prioritise? Here's my thoughts:

1. QB - The future of the franchise (and a back up for next year)
2. CB - The Cowboys sorely lack depth, talent and play making in the secondary.
3. LB - The Cowboys need a stud LB, even if Sean Lee can stay healthy, preferably one that can cover.
4. RB - McFadden had nearly 1,100 yards, but just 3 TD's, and he's 29 this year. A talented bell cow RB could make an impact straight away.

The next few are dependent on a few things:

4. S - Depends on where Bryon Jones' future lies, but they could still do with a talent injection here. If they get a top class CB then it's less of a priority.
5. WR - Are Terrance Williams or Brice Butler no.2 WR's? Maybe....maybe not. Long term a top WR would be the heir to Dez.
6. DT - This would be higher, if they wanted more from their 1 tech (which I think they should).
7. DE - Lawrence and Gregory are the future. Another top talent in the rotation wouldn't hurt, but is it a priority? A lot depends on Greg Hardy too.

Something to bear in mind, the last Cornerback to win Defensive Rookie of the Year honours was Charles Woodson in 1998! Not saying a rookie CB can't have an impact, but 11 of the last 16 DRoY have been LB's, 3 DE's and 2 DT's. Obviously LB's rack up stats/tackles so grab the attention, especially on bad teams, but they clearly make an impact.

On the offensive side of the ball, the last 16 ORoY's, 7 RB's, 6 QB's and 3 WR's. Again, it doesn't mean that WR's can't have a major impact, but they perhaps struggle to make an immediate impact unlike top tier RB's.

Kevan1971 07.01.2016 11:53 AM

QB Jared Goff Cal
CB Jalen Ramsey Florida St
ILB Reggie Ragland Alabama
OLB Miles Jack UCLA
RB Ezekiel Elliott Ohio St

Top prospect by position from CBS sports

RichardCunliffe 07.01.2016 01:28 PM


Originally Posted by Kevan1971 (Post 2249191)
QB Jared Goff Cal
CB Jalen Ramsey Florida St
ILB Reggie Ragland Alabama
OLB Miles Jack UCLA
RB Ezekiel Elliott Ohio St

Top prospect by position from CBS sports

Plenty of watching to do. :)

Goff seems to have his detractors and the question will be is he (or potentially down the line) worth the 4th pick in the draft if he's still available.

Ramsey seems to be touted as a Safety who can play Corner. Not sure if that's what the Cowboys need, but if he's a top prospect at both positions it can't hurt to have that versatility. Just a question of whether you are getting a slightly better version of Byron Jones, 'stuck' between 2 positions.

Ragland looks more like a run stuffer. No way he's going at no.4 if he can't stay on the field for all 3 downs (don't know yet, haven't watch enough, but his size suggests not). Top of the 2nd round? Maybe, but not convinced.

Jack seems like a prototypical fit for this D. Marinelli wanted Ryan Shazier (Steelers) previously, so he has to be on the radar. He can clearly cover, so he's a 3 down guy. Just have to wait on the medical checks for his knee injury.

Elliott and Henry seem to be the top 2 backs in the draft, at no.4 though I can't see it happening. Not in today's NFL (it's a copycat league) where the RB is 'devalued', and not when this draft looks deep at RB yet again. I don't see him making it to the top of round 2 either, so i doubt he'll be a Cowboy sadly.

Lonestar1963 07.01.2016 05:32 PM

Far too early yet but i think Mr Cunliffe summed it up as to the areas we should look at, as it is, if we can get Scandrick back fit and healthy, with Carr and Claibourne it doesnt look a bad 3 to have at CB, we need depth there tho as Jones need to play safety i think, Linebacker seems more important at the mo if we carry on 4-3 which no doubt we will, havnt really looked at the drafties yet, but then again Mclain when fit is ok, apparently he had a belting last game against the Skins, i doubt we draft a QB but as Moore done enough? again great last game.

RichardCunliffe 08.01.2016 09:54 PM

The problem at CB is Carr's cap hit is almost $14m. That's way too much, plus he'll be 30 next year. Then you have Mo, who whilst he has improved this year he still hasn't lived up to his 'potential' and can't seem to stay healthy either.

So that's a CB who earns too much. A CB who hasn't lived up to what was expected. Plus a CB coming back from a serious knee injury. After that the Cowboys have very little, Terrance Mitchell showed some promise, but then he's been released once before.

So basically there are question marks everywhere and therefore very little depth.

Touching on the McClain comment too. He's an unrestricted FA this year (like Mo Claibourne), but the bigger issue for me is he has missed 5 games this year. Even when he stays healthy he struggles to see out games from time to time. He's 26 so should be coming into his prime, but there always seems to be a question mark with him.

RichardCunliffe 19.01.2016 06:24 PM

Get the feeling this is going to be an off season of 'Long term stability vs Short term gain'. Flipping back and forth between drafting a QB or tooling up elsewhere to help out Romo.

It doesn't look like Carson Wentz is going to be there at the top of the 2nd round. It's always the same, I remember when the Cowboys drafted Zach Martin at no.17, Aaron Donald was a possible 1st round guy, then a top 20 guy, then maybe a top 10 guy, he just got further from the Cowboys reach the closer we got to the draft.

Someone like Connor Cook just doesn't inspire me at the top of the 2nd round. Hackenburg might be interesting if he 'falls' to the middle rounds, but he appears to boom or bust.

Meanwhile at no.4 and no.35 the Cowboys might have the pick of some very good players. Myles Jack looks very good on tape, Jalen Ramsey too. I haven't been 'wowed' by the few games I've seen of Joey Bosa, but surely I just haven't watched the right tape yet?

DT is really deep this year, and no.35 might be prime territory to 'upgrade' the interior of the D line.

Lonestar1963 20.01.2016 03:18 PM

Jarrah Reed sounds like the kind of guy i would like,but it probably won't be Marinellis,

RichardCunliffe 20.01.2016 06:07 PM


Originally Posted by Lonestar1963 (Post 2253963)
Jarrah Reed sounds like the kind of guy i would like,but it probably won't be Marinellis,

The problem is Sharrif Floyd was a guy the Cowboys had a shot at no.18 the year they traded back to draft Travis Frederick at no.31. The talk was they saw him as a 1 technique, and that it wasn't valued by Marinelli in this scheme. Either that or they thought Floyd wasn't a 'difference maker'. He' turned out to be a good player. Plus the talk was he was high on their board, so that casts doubt over the whole process.

The thing that could change that is if they have more confidence in the rest of the D line and think he could really help add extra pressure/sacks.

Still, with LB and secondary obvious keys to this D then it could push DT down the list a little. If it does that then you are looking at day 3 of the draft, and even though there is plenty of depth in the draft you aren't going to get a 'blue chip' guy that late.

I'm going to take a good look at the DT's in this class this week, that way i'll have a better understanding of how deep this class is and/or whether it's 'top heavy'.

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