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bluelionman 09.10.2014 03:41 AM

Tailgate32: The Series
I am slowly working my way through a series I found on YouTube about tailgating at each of the teams in the NFL a couple of brothers did in one season.

As I do each teams episode I post a link in their team forum here just as a heads up in case anyone else is interested and not already found them.
- As I am doing the series really slowly when in the mood or have a spare quarter of an hour it means the posts are spread out - sometimes over months thus am catching more forum members this way I feel.

I personally wish they could be longer as each episode seems to be well under 10 minutes in duration but still good none the less. Anyway with out further ado here's a link to the series trailer (what the idea is all about):

& here is the link to your teams episode Tailgate32 EP14: Arizona

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