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jemmakean 06.04.2016 11:13 AM

Anyone planning to go to USA for a game this season?
Hey all,

Just wondered if anyone is planning a trip to Oakland this season?

Has anyone been previous years? Any advice on places to stay etc.

It's been on my bucket list a while now, so hopefully it can be done!


LesterHayes 08.04.2016 01:33 PM

Been 3 times and wouldn't stay in Oakland personally, what with San Fran being a short train ride across the bay.

That and Oakland being a gang infested industrial wasteland.

As far as hotels etc in that city then there is loads of choice depending on your budget obviously. Do all the usual tourist stuff would be my advice and a trip to the wine country up around Napa and Sonoma is well worth the effort if you like that kind of Sideways vibe.

Which I do.

jemmakean 16.04.2016 07:25 PM

Awesome, thanks for the reply!

KING ARTHUR 21.04.2016 10:47 PM

Been to Raiders games in the past but always stay in downtown San Francisco and take the Bart which stops across the road from the stadium and takes about 25 minutes.Oakland is a very rough area and would not stay there under any circumstances

Raider12 22.04.2016 01:07 PM

I am in the same boat this year. Our plan was the Saints Raiders game, but when the schedule came out it didn't fit our times. The one that does is Raiders Chiefs game in Oct which we can do.


Leeside 9er 29.04.2016 09:56 AM

Sorry to jump on raiders thread but was at coliseum in Oct for jets raiders game (as 49ers were on the road).
Previous posts are correct. BART is best way to travel door to door from downtown San Francisco. I've been in SF 3/4 times and found best location is within one or two streets of union sq. Can be expensive but there are some good clean budget hotels in area too.
However just one thing on stadium. I bought end zone tickets in top level. Thought they were great tickets because they were row 1. Problem is on the top level the walkway to get to seats is in front of row 1 so I had people walking in front of me for entire game blocking my view.
Just something to bear in mind when buying.

SWRaider 03.06.2016 08:56 AM

Life long Raiders Fan

Can anyone offer any advice on the best way to get Single Game tickets

I'm in the states in October and trying for tickets for the San Diego game

All the ticket agencies are only selling the re-sale tickets which as always are hugely overpriced

I did send an email through the Raiders ticket section of the raiders website asking when single game tickets go on sale, as from searching the net I believe they normally go on sale June/July. Their reply was "we are not releasing single game tickets this season, you can only purchase them through the resale option"

I'm really surprised by this, and wondering if this was just a guy from a ticket agency pulling a fast one

Can anyone with more experience than myself offer an opinion please?

guards1656 03.06.2016 09:47 AM

Hold fire. Single tickets have probably not even been released yet. They're normally readily available

SWRaider 03.06.2016 10:09 AM


Originally Posted by guards1656 (Post 2278439)
Hold fire. Single tickets have probably not even been released yet. They're normally readily available

That's what I was thinking, but this was a direct link from the ticket section of the ticket section :confused:

obraider 20.07.2016 07:23 PM

Raiders 2016
Been 2 3 Raiders games and agree with that staying in downtown San Fran is best option..BART to game very good..was at last seasons game against Denver when most Raiders fans departed enmasse after end of 3rd quarter but still no issues in getting back to San Fran..regarding tckts i registered with and the last 2 games I went to both against Denver I got tckts on resale..very easy and u can print the tckt at home before u leave for the States or print at ur hotel

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