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gemma_d 22.12.2006 04:08 PM

[quote author=Tennessee Titans: Leading the League in FUN!! link=board=1;threadid=12648;start=495#msg564638 date=1166731035]
So, the outlook is bleak, but I trust Vince to win our last 2. I'm just not at all convinced that other things can go our way, but hey, next season is going to be a blast.

Best to not even think about it - just enjoy the ride!!

We could beat anyone at the moment. Trouble is, we could probably lose to anyone too!

bryane2 24.12.2006 09:28 PM


6 wins on the trot can you belive it?!

Roll on next season...THE TITANS ARE BACK!!!

Holywood 25.12.2006 09:24 AM


ROLL ON THE PLAYOFFS (please, step up Oakland, Miami, SanFran, Pittsburgh, KC)


nfl_harwich_rob 25.12.2006 09:29 PM

Fantastic run of results guys. Definitely one of my favourite sides right now.

Holywood 25.12.2006 09:31 PM

[quote author=nfl_harwich_rob link=board=1;threadid=12648;start=495#msg567558 date=1167082145]
Fantastic run of results guys. Definitely one of my favourite sides right now.
[/quote]Ahh, but are you going to be saying that in 5 day's time?


nfl_harwich_rob 25.12.2006 09:34 PM

Erm nah ;)

Holywood 26.12.2006 12:58 PM

Well. Now that the Jets beat Miami......*sigh*..........there is only one possible way for us to reach the playoffs.

Titans beat Patriots (Nashville)
Steelers beat Bengals (Cincy)
49ers beat Broncos (Denver)
Chiefs beat Jags (KC)

There is a 1/10000000000000000 chance of this happening, since Steelers play cincy in cincy, and, LOL, the49ers play Denver at mile high....

It could still happen though. If we reach 9-7 and don't make it in, I will be disappointed, but at least we have had a great season.

Think of the games. Stupid Miami game, Colts game, BALTIMORE GAME!!!



bryane2 26.12.2006 03:33 PM

Yeah thats 3 games we lost but came a hairs breadth away from winning, should definately have beaten Baltimore. Just that ONE more win would have got us in.

Let's face its not going to happen next weekend but never mind, we just have to think of how the season has turned out when before it started just about EVERYONE was saying we would have an awful season and could count ourselves fortunate to win more than 3 or 4 games.

Look how far we came after losing the 1st 5 games - i meant to finish 9-7 or 8-8 after that start was pure fantasy but we did it.

Personally, I'm very optimistic about next season BUT only if we are able to bring in some serious upgrades on Defence to help us stop both the run and the pass AND get more pressure on opposing quarterbacks. As for the Offense we are set at QB and HB but clearly need a healthy David Givens and at least one of the other WRs to step up and help out Bennett.

Holywood 26.12.2006 04:27 PM

I would take a decent DE in the draft, or else a safety, to replace Lamont Thompson. I would try and get hold of Asante Samuel or Nate Clements in free agency, to start opposite Pac. We are sorted at LB, with Tulloch coming into his own, Bulluck, and Thornton. We will probably let go of Pete Sirmon, I'm not sure though, we may keep him to start/interchange with Tulloch.

On offense, the one thing that would help us out dearly is a genuine #1 WR. I can see Brandon Jones becoming that player, but we may need to try to pick someone up in Free Agency. We will also want to get a centre to take over after Kevin Mawae retires at the end of next season (he probably will). More OLinemen would also help as while we have excellent young players, we need more depth in case of injury.

Roll on the 2007 NFL season!

danny17 26.12.2006 05:33 PM

I think in the draft the no.1 pick on an offensive lineman would be the best move. Safety could be a choice and the D line would be interesting. We have done so well this year, wit VY I think next year among new fans we could be one of the most popular teams. It does kill you to see that we were one game out but if anyone had said at the start of the season we would have been near the playoffs I would have laughed.
Also what do you guys think of this. Whats better, losing this match to get a lower pick in the draft or winning it to put a great ending on an amazing season. ;D

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