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GreekinCowboy 20.09.2014 02:36 PM

Looking for UK Cowboys Fans :)
Hey everyone...

Now that the season is underway, I had hoped that more of the 6654 registered Cowboys fans on this forum would appear and make their voices heard.

It's September, we're two games in, and there are only 5 new posts in here.


Our 'Boys are coming to town in November, and yet I am struggling to find any socially mobile UK Cowboys Fans on here, on Twitter, and on Facebook.

I'm a part of the UK Cowboys Fans set up with Lauren and Jamie, and we're working tirelessly to make our party on the 8th the best it can be. The Cowboys want to meet their fans in the week running up to the game, and they have asked for our help.

We need every single UK Cowboys fan to get following the UK Cowboys Fan twitter and FB pages, as there are plans being put together right now for events as of Tuesday 4th November, the day after they arrive in town, leading up to our party on the 8th.

We need to find more fans...and quickly !!

Please follow us on @UKCowboysFans and join our FB group - UK Dallas Cowboys Fans. We're the most active outfit in the UK, which is why the Cowboys are talking to us. We're also working with Star Sports Tours, NFL Auction and the RBL to bring as best a Cowboys event to the UK fans as possible.

Join us, make your voice heard, and get involved.

Thanks for reading.




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