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IrishTexan 25.09.2010 06:40 PM

Why the Saints?
Why do you support the Saints?
Im not a Saints fan although I do really like them for what they've been through
I really Drew Brees and Sean Payton especially now after reading their books
Also, I might be going to NO for the Saints-Steelers game, how is NO for family?

celtic saints 26.09.2010 02:48 AM

The question should be -

"Why not the Saints"

marcseven 26.09.2010 02:49 PM


Originally Posted by celtic saints (Post 1197267)
The question should be -

"Why not the Saints"

I can think of about 30 years worth of reasons why not for most people.

For me it was an introduction of New Orleans at an early age by my dad taking me to see the Preservation Hall jazz band in the late 70's, when the NFL started being shown here i used to check on the Jets (having NY connects) and and the Saints, then when the Saints had their first real success in 87 I firmed my allegiance, and sealed it when the vikings booted us out of the playoffs Jan 3 1988. The fans didn't care about losing they were just happy about getting that far, it struck a chord and boom here i am today.

lancastersaint 26.09.2010 05:37 PM

simply because i support st helens rugby was only natural to pick a team called the saints:D

jthorn 27.09.2010 10:59 AM

In 1995 I went travelling round various cities in the States. Whilst in NO I went to look at the stadium, as it is quite close to the city centre.

When I became interested in the NFL I chose the Saints because of the visit to the stadium, and also because of the great memories I had from my time in the Big Easy.

10 years worth of never being able to see them on the tv followed, but it turned out well in the end...

DarrenSQh 30.09.2010 10:24 AM

I started during the 05 season. Although the Falcons game in 06 with the blocked punt and the emotion of the dome sealed me as a saints fan.

Having now been over to Nola I love the place and hope to go back as much as possible.

saintsno1 30.09.2010 10:36 AM

I supported the saints since 2005 till present just the passion the fans give to team not matter with the result on the day.

I'm going in december to see them.

zoffy 14.12.2010 02:37 AM

Simple for me. I never really understood American football until last year. I wathced some stuff online and quickly got into it and understood the rules etc, just in time to watch the NFC chamionship game last season. I supported the Saints in that game and the rest is history. I guess its lucky I started supporting them when they had the two bigest games in their history. Glory supporter or what!? Enjoying my first full season as a saints fan, with my Brees jersey on every weekend.

SaintAxel 14.12.2010 05:25 PM

Although I never visited the States (I plan to do a road trip across the states, coast to coast as soon as I have the money), I am passionate about the South and the Southern Culture (cooking, etc...), so when I started to follow American football it had to be a team from the South: So the Saints instead of other teams it is mainly because of the Jersey and Brees and Reggie and secondly because of the "french" culture of New Orleans (my first language is french).

stu_27 16.12.2010 01:52 AM

was pretty simple for me,
had a Mate who was big on American Football, we watched a game at his,
was this season beginning actually. 49ers vs Saints, it was a pretty awesome game and very close, At the time knowing nothing about American Football but having really enjoyed the game, i decided i would support the Saints since A, they won and B, my old High School had Saint in it. So for better or worse I am now a Saints fan :)

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