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KingKosar 13.02.2008 03:25 PM

ProTour Cycling Thread
Ok, this is either going to be met with stony silence (or cries of "they are all dopers!") but hopefully neither.
Anyone else out there do any club riding?...follow the ProTour? (TDF, Giro, Classics etc).
Discuss the new season here - news about the new teams involved, riders, new machinery you may have got over the winter, training etc etc.

Personally, I have loved the sport for 21 years now - my first introduction being the TDF going through Paris in 1987 while I was on holiday. Followed it ever since and still enjoy going out when my diary allows! Not easy with 2 kids to taxi around though!
I ride a Trek 1000 (fairly low end budget stuff) but it does the job for the level I ride at these days.
Thought this website was worth sharing......

Has some great photos on there and follows race results/ has live feeds during the Tour etc. Anyone else know of good cycling websites?...
Over to you.

titan31 13.02.2008 10:45 PM

Re:ProTour Cycling Thread
Eurosport is a great website and channel to get all the protour season on.Although,they dont show it live due to the more popular sports.The giro can be hard to follow on eurosport when it clashes with roland garros,a few times last year i was watching the italian coverage on the internet.I cant wait for the new season to start properly(joke of Tour Down Under doesnt count).

Bushmead Bandits 14.02.2008 12:00 AM

Re:ProTour Cycling Thread
I normally follow as many stages of the Giro and the Tour de France as I can via Eurosport, I may watch a stage or two of the Vuelta. I really enjoy cycling (been following since the early 21st century) however it keeps hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons, the 2007 TDF scandals seriously damaged the reputation of the sport but steps are being taken and the cheats are being caught, hopefully cycling will be clean.

Earlier today team Astana were banned from entering this year's tour de france unsurprisingly due to what happened last year so Contador will have to find a new team if he's to defend his title.


When it comes to cycling, I always prefer watching the mountain stages, in the Giro last year they had to surpass the summit of a mountain which was almost 3km high, the mountain stages also tend to give a clearer idea of who the main contenders are for the particular tour.

KingKosar 14.02.2008 09:28 AM

Re:ProTour Cycling Thread
It'll be a shame if Astana dont go to the Tour as they have had a big overhaul in the offseason. Bruyneel and Yates from the Discovery team have taken over the reins at DS level and they've signed some good riders. Kind of makes a mockery of the "Protour" though, as all 18 teams are supposed to get automatic entry into the big 3 tours. Because a French organisation control the Tour - they are playing by their own rules. Bit of a mess really.
Wonder if Team High Road (formerly T-Mobile) and Team Slipstream will get invited along this year? They've got some good European based riders (including David Millar) as well as their home based Americans etc
I was planning on going down to Alpe D'Huez this summer to ride the mountains (definately THE highlight of any big race)but we're hopefully moving house, so will have to put it on hold for ANOTHER year! One day.....?! ;D

titan31 14.02.2008 01:27 PM

Re:ProTour Cycling Thread
I dont think astana are a pro tour team,they werent last year anyway

titan31 14.02.2008 01:31 PM

Re:ProTour Cycling Thread
ok,actually they are and so are team highroad.Also,the grand tours are not part of the Pro Tour calender this year

titan31 14.02.2008 09:18 PM

Re:ProTour Cycling Thread
who does everyone think will challenge for the grand tours and the big classics this year?

Riggo 14.02.2008 09:44 PM

Re:ProTour Cycling Thread
Glad to see folks interested in following cycling.

Paris-Nice is next month, I think that is the first major stage race on the calendar for the spring. The last two years (at least) the winner of it went to win the TdF.

The race should be on Eurosport.

I think The Tour organizers are crazy to cut out team Astana from race. There's too many good riders on the team.

Riggo 14.02.2008 09:46 PM

Re:ProTour Cycling Thread
I would Cadel Evans a favorite for the TdF this year with Contador not riding.

I don't think much of him, but the field seems really weak this year.

Valverdre and Sastre have their fans, but those guys never seem to pull it off.

If I was strong Italian rider this year, I would pass on the Giro and focus on the tour.

titan31 14.02.2008 10:55 PM

Re:ProTour Cycling Thread
I was just looking at the races and the Paris-Nice isnt on the Pro Tour this year,its terrible that riders like Contador,Leipheimer and Brajkovic wont be able to race in the big races this year cos of last years riders,and most of them are gone this year.Its basically the Discovery Channel team with different sponsorship.

I think the winner of the TdF will be Andy Schleck.He was very impressive in the Giro last year and with the power of the CSC team,I expect him to do it.Ricco will take the Giro i think and Vuelta can be anybody.

Boonen,Schumacher and Frank Schleck will battle for the classics along with one of the Astana riders,like Iglinsky who can pull off a surprise

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