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dannyh1991 18.04.2016 01:43 PM

UK Fan trying to get tickets for Home agame gainst LA Rams - 4th December

Me and my girlfriend are visiting New York the start of December and want to attend the Patriots home game against LA Rams on the 4th December, we have just extended our stay so this could be possible. :)

Do you have any information or knowledge about how we could obtain legitimate tickets and what would be the best form of transport?

I have emailed the Patriots ticket office direct and they have said the majority of the Gillette stadium are season ticket holders so single game tickets are limited. :eek:

Flights from NY to Boston, the train station is 10mins away and they have a train specially for Gillette Stadium on game days

Would you trust ticket reseller websites such as Stubhub? :confused:

glenbrae 23.04.2016 04:43 AM

Try for tickets on ticketmaster (in July). They might be limited but they weren't as hard to get as I expected when I went last year. I went with Rally Bus to get from Boston to the stadium and they were pretty good, though took a long time to get out of the car park after the game which I guess could be an issue if you were planning to go back to NY the same day

2-Minuteman 23.04.2016 12:21 PM

Also, depending on whether time and/or money is an issue, the Patriots Gameday train also runs from the south starting at TF Green Airport Rhode Island through Providence RI to the stadium. You might get cheaper, quicker flights to TF Green which is only 6 miles south of Providence. Providence will probably be cheaper to stay in than Boston as well.

dannyh1991 26.04.2016 11:03 AM

Ok Thank you, I will try Ticketmaster before I use StubHub.

Im a bit disappointed as Patriots play in NY the weekend just before I fly out and the game while im in New York is Colts @ Jets on a Monday night, which im not particularly excited about. :(... and my GF wont change holiday dates for the following weekend where Cowboys would be at Giants... she wanted to surprise me with a trip to Boston for the game since she knows I follow Patriots.

The game is scheduled for a 1pm ET kick off, which would be great for getting back to NY on the same day, but the NFL can flex kick off times, so if the kick off time changed closer to the date then any arrangements I make could be screwed.

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