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the_king_from_leon 08.04.2010 12:24 PM

Willie Parker
Does anyone think he will get the gig in Washington? They still have Portis and have also signed Larry Johnson so its a 3 way race.

Terrible Towel 08.04.2010 12:31 PM

I doubt he'll see much action, he did look better tail end of last season and he potentially is a good change up for them.

topgear_itfc 06.09.2010 03:55 PM

Released by Redskins...

DennisDixonFTW 06.09.2010 03:58 PM

Yea unfortunately I think Parker is done in the league now which is a shame seeing as he did so much for us.

Mr Steeler 06.09.2010 06:00 PM

A shame really as I was looking forward to seeing him play again.

cheshiremulisha 06.09.2010 11:16 PM


Originally Posted by Mr Steeler (Post 1175951)
A shame really as I was looking forward to seeing him play again.

Chances are he will get picked up down the stretch by somebody - all it takes is 1 injury somewhere...

topgear_itfc 07.09.2010 06:54 AM

Yes he will get picked up by someone like the Oakland Ravens or Denver Broncos. Someone like that, who need some experience on there team.

the_king_from_leon 07.09.2010 09:22 AM

I still think that he won't get sigend elsewhere

Terrible Towel 07.09.2010 09:43 AM

Since his injury, he just wasn't really the same, his biggest asset, his speed was compromised.

It didn't help that he had an overinflated opinion of his self either.

Plus he couldn't catch, not good.

I reckon his days are numbered too.

Pittsburgh Dreamer 09.09.2010 08:31 AM

Willie Parker
When I was out in Pittsburgh in Dec. '06 I purchased the #39 shirt - my first. Wore it to the Cleveland game & Willie set the team record for rushing yardage - happy memories!

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