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PavlovsDog 30.10.2011 11:48 PM

UK Jags Fantasy
Since the season is well in the thick of it, thought it was time to dedicate a thread to the league. It's getting pretty tight in the middle, 1 game separating 2nd - 7th.

I have a pretty good matchup going against Count right now. I seemed to be coasting, but that late surge from the Bengals D leaves me just 8 points ahead with both of us having our QB play in the primetime games.

He has Romo, I have Rivers. Normally I would be confident that Rivers v Romo with an 8 point cushion would be OK, but after last week it could be dicy. I was almost tempted to choose Big Ben instead - if I had done I'd be 29 clear with all players done with just Romo to go for Count.

Just hope Rivers comes good - I am currently 7th, but a win puts me right in the thick of the chasing pack.

jai13 31.10.2011 03:06 AM

yea its a nice little battle going on in the middle, I had a bad start 0-2 which has me struggling but have put up some good scores last few weeks.

I've got a good matchup with JDV,thought going into tonights game I was gonna lose it, had V-Jax, Tolbert (who I have over Mendenhall, as I thought he'd do **** all, 9 points and now I think I made a mistake) Gates and the Philly D to go against Austin, Witten Bailey and Ryan Mathews. Thankfully it's looking good for me as I've gone from 1 behind to 4 in front and I have 3 to go compared to just Mathews.

PavlovsDog 31.10.2011 05:12 AM

So Romo has played and Count has a lead of just 4.02 with all players done, I am slightly confident that Rivers will do just enough to put me ahead.

Of course if I had gambled on Big Ben and Beanie Wells instead of Rivers and Lynch, I'd be safely home and dry by about 25 points.

count14 31.10.2011 01:47 PM

I think you may, just may have it this week Paul. Unless Rivers decides that he isn't going to play. I was hoping for a much better performance from Romo this week seeing the Eagles seemed to be failing up till now.

Very tight in the middle though, cant actually check mine at the moment, but i think im 4-4 now. Still all to play for.

Vincent 31.10.2011 01:48 PM

Honestly havent looked at mine for about 4 weeks since I went on holiday - will re-focus for the run in now and try for a playoff spot.

Vincent 06.11.2011 06:58 PM

Thank god for Julio Jones :cool:

Now where do the Jags need to go to get us one of them?? :confused:

The_Jellied_Jags 06.11.2011 07:41 PM

Well the Stormers are in the lead. GET IN!!! :D
But I'm not sure I'll staying there for too long

Vincent 06.11.2011 07:48 PM

Paul is catching me up, we both have 5 players in the later games/playing tomorrow so could go either way. We are both 4-4 so it's a crucial game.

The_Jellied_Jags 06.11.2011 07:52 PM

This has been a good league so far, way better than my other two on

PavlovsDog 06.11.2011 07:57 PM


Originally Posted by Vincent (Post 1449346)
Paul is catching me up, we both have 5 players in the later games/playing tomorrow so could go either way. We are both 4-4 so it's a crucial game.

It's probably going to hinge on the QB battle (Big Ben v Rodgers). I took a big gamble by dropping Rivers for Ben, which I hope doesn't come back to bite me. Ben has outscored Rivers by a fair chunk in the last few weeks though.

I'm also nervous about Beanie Wells - he always seems to have some injury doubt lingering - I dropped him last week and he got more points than his replacement - no doubt this week having put him back in because Peterson is on a bye, he will end up doing next to nothing.

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