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jstinchy 10.09.2012 05:54 PM

Saints Podcasts?
I listen to a few different NFL podcasts throughout the week as a way of passing the time when travelling places etc. But the podcasts i listen to a more generic NFL podcasts like Inside The Huddle, i've been looking for a good podcast thats only focus is the saints.
Does anyone know of any? as up to now ive struggled to find any worth hitting the subscribe button for

lHoLDeN2k 10.09.2012 06:20 PM

Hi not totally sure if they do podcats but this site is a good website for saints fans and they might get a better response. :D

martin3026 10.09.2012 07:33 PM

I've tried a couple and they either die after a few episodes or are just a bunch of drunks with crappy opinions.

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