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Aikman_8 12.05.2011 05:41 PM

Dallas Cowboys Free Agency Thread.
Hey guys, just in case Free agency ever begins i thought we needed a thread.

So who does everyone want? Apart from Nmandi of course!

Personally i would pee my pants if Jerry managed to get him and Cullen Jenkins. I think Jenkins is the more likely option as the whole league is gonna want Nmandi. The trouble with Jenkins is im not sure that the Cowboys value that position enough to pay him what he wants.

My Targets if i were GM would be-

1-Nmandi Asomugha CB (obviously)
2-Cullen Jenkins DE
3-Eric Weddle S
4-Davin Joseph OG
5-Michael Huff S

If we got all them we would be right back in the mix for the NFC imo. I know it likely wont happen but i can dream, i'd be more than happy to get 1 of my top 3 though.

NeathBlue 14.05.2011 08:35 AM

Really can't see us going for Asomugha... He will want around $15M a year and at 29 years of age he simply isn't worth it... Jonathan Joseph would be a better option.
Our main needs are at Safety and Huff would be great... And if we can improve the Safety position then that will help our CB's.
Not sure how much we will have to spend on free agents, remember we need to resign Doug Free, but if we can get Huff plus Joseph, Blalock and Jenkins then we would be in a great position but it's likely we would only get 2 of them as our wage bill is so big.

Aikman_8 16.05.2011 10:34 AM

I think once CBA is sorted Garrett is gonna have a bit of a roster cull to make some cap space. Talk of Columbo, Barber and Newman all possibly gone. Not sure if i want Newman gone unless Nmandi is his replacement!

E7_Cowboy 01.06.2011 12:10 PM

If I have correctly interpreted Rob Ryans scheme then in order for it to work well, he'll need a shutdown corner (Ndami is the best available) and that will free up the safety on his side.

Aikman_8 13.07.2011 02:36 PM

If the rumours about the new salary cap are anywhere near true Dallas might struggle just to re-sign our own Free agents. Definately gonna be a big roster cull i think. Need to get Free locked down before we think about anything else.

Aikman_8 26.07.2011 06:38 PM

Well according to Schefter the cul has begun. Barber gone, Columbo gone, Davis gone, Roy Williams gone. All this frees up space this year but were gonna take a big hit next year unless they can re-work a lot of deals.

Hopefuly we can get Doug Free signed up and snag a safety and re-sign at least one of our DE's.

I'm personally sad to see Barber leave and even Roy Williams. The problem with these guys was that they weren't worth the contract Jerry signed them up too. Both will have success elsewhere i reckon.

iannidan 27.07.2011 02:32 PM

chuffed to bits free has resigned on a 4 year contract.

Aikman_8 27.07.2011 04:55 PM

Great deal getting Doug Free signed up. With Columbo and Davis gone i look forward to a younger more athletic O-line. Run the ball Dallas!

cowboyswill 27.07.2011 08:45 PM

really great to see that williams has gone.

Aikman_8 28.07.2011 03:43 PM

Kyle Kosier signs an extension. Thats our two best linemen coming back.

Good work now time for that Defense.................. if we have any cap room left. :D

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