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#79 27.09.2004 07:59 PM

Da Bears - Monsters of the Midway Thread
Well i thought it would be good if we had our own thread again, especially with the exciting start to the season. but now its gone badly again, with the loss of Rex for the year to add to the growing list.

Da Bears Info

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Depth Chart
Injury Report

Feel free to post more links!

So lets get the ball rolling...

What do u think is going to happen now to the Bears season with Rex out along with Peanut, Zoom, M.Brown and Tucker?

Top 5 draft pick? or a breakout year for Quinn?

Stake 27.09.2004 08:14 PM

Re:Da Bears - The Monsters of Midway Thread
A breakout year for Quinn? Because two NFL teams didn't realise just how good the guy holding the clipboard on the sideline was...
Certainly not a breakout year. Of the two options presented, a top five draft pick is more likely but I don't think it will happen either. I think we can get back to 7-9 on the strength of our coaching staff, their positive approach to games, our strong O line and a decent running game.
The worry is we now have neither a a QB who can make things happen or a wide receiver that can make it easy for a limited qb. We could become one diminsional and easy to beat, quite frankly.
I still belive in Lovie though. And Shea. 6 more wins, get this injury curse, that has afflicted us every year apart from '01 it seems, off our backs and take a lot of positives from this year.

#79 27.09.2004 08:31 PM

Re:Da Bears - The Monsters of Midway Thread
yep. totally agree.

since we traded booker we lost our best reciever, and a passing threat. sure we've got a group of young WRs but lack experience, which booker added. he was a go-to-guy. but its nice to see jones has been playing very well, and Rex was doing a good job, and steadly improving with each game. just gutted he's out.

but now that he's out, i can see teams putting 8 in the box and making us pass, especially as are back-up is Quinn. oooOOOooo scary!

if jones keeps on playing like he is, and the D starts to get healthy i still feel like we have a chance to win games, especially as u mention the strength of our coaching staff e.g. we beat green bay ;D

DESTROYDAPACKA 28.09.2004 01:26 AM

Re:Da Bears - The Monsters of Midway Thread
I don't really see the lack of receiver depth as the nightmare everyone thinks it is. The single go to guy has never been Shea's philosophy, which is why the ball has been shared around so much. All of these guys will improve as the season goes on. But the system is concentrated on the backfield and uses the TE more than the receiver corps. Bear TEs caught one pass last year. The system is largely why Priest and Gonzalez have done so well over the last few seasons so if we emulate what has been achived in KC at the loss of production from WRs then i'm okay with it. Don't get me wrong, I do think we are weak at WR, but like I said they will improve into the system (touch wood ;) )I dare say the Chiefs would like to emulate our D.

The QB situation is a little unnerving. Quinn played well in pre-season. Sure he sucked on his series on Sunday, but he was really thrown into a bad situation at the worse time of the game. It looks like we'll sign Chad Hutchinson this week to fill up the third QB slot seeing as Rex is being put on IR.

Hopefully, it's the strength of the system that shines through and proves to be the most important factor as opposed to whether someone is a backup or not. :-\ ;)

edited for: usual annoyance ::)

Horny Bear 28.09.2004 07:11 AM

Re:Da Bears - The Monsters of Midway Thread's going to be a struggle without Rex - maybe Krenzel will get some reps if Quinn turns out to be a bust.

Pressure will really be on the running game which has produced thus far but will have to now carry the load ...

We need some starters back pronto on D, if we can dominate on D, limit the other teams scoring then we may break even this season - really going to be difficult though.

This Sunday it could be ugly - on Sky as well, and we always seem to get stuffed when we are on Sky - 49er game last season remember ...

DESTROYDAPACKA 28.09.2004 07:28 AM

Re:Da Bears - The Monsters of Midway Thread
..and the previous game to that was the Eagles. ::)

As far as injuries on D, Zoom is supposed to be back the week after the bye week so that's good. Or at least that's what i've heard. Maybe Peanut will be back sooner as well seeing as Zoom has recovered quicker than anticipated?

Bad news is, that Urlacher may well be left out of Sundays game :-\

Krenzel was pretty lame in pre-season, and I figure Hutchinson will be second string.

DESTROYDAPACKA 28.09.2004 08:53 AM

Re:Da Bears - The Monsters of Midway Thread
Quite funny...


...when news the Bears needed a quarterback spread so quickly that even journeyman Jeff George called Halas Hall in case there was interest.

There wasn't.
Full story

Horny Bear 28.09.2004 09:00 AM

Re:Da Bears - The Monsters of Midway Thread
Where's Jim Miller when you need him :) ;)

Stake 28.09.2004 09:20 PM

Re:Da Bears - The Monsters of Midway Thread
[quote author=DESTROYDAPACKA link=board=1;threadid=5453;start=0#msg106561 date=1096356528]
Krenzel was pretty lame in pre-season, and I figure Hutchinson will be second string.

Hutchinson has never taken a snap in this offense. Krenzel should be no.2 this week and the man called upon if the mighty Quinn goes down. Let them fight it our over the bye week for the no.2 job alright, but right now it should be Krenzels.

Da Rafeter 28.09.2004 09:21 PM

Re:Da Bears - The Monsters of Midway Thread
I will be the first non bear to post in here(no offense)

But I picked the Bears as my breakout team now they've lost Brown, Tillman and Grossman

Kinda unlucky to be a Bears fan eh?

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