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uk49ersfan 03.09.2010 09:43 PM

Roster Cuts
The 49ers have released 22 players


The San Francisco 49ers announced Friday that they have released 22 players. The team’s roster now stands at 53.

Head coach Mike Singletary has a conference call scheduled at 3:40 pm PT to discuss the moves.

All NFL teams must trim their rosters to 53 players by 3:00 pm PT on Saturday, September 4.

The following players have been released:

K Shane Andrus

LB Mike Balogun

QB Jarrett Brown

FB Jehuu Caulcrick

TE Tony Curtis

LB Bruce Davis

G Brian de la Puente

TE Joe Jon Finley

WR Bobby Guillory

WR Jason Hill

WR Kevin Jurovich

T Matt Kopa

LB Keaton Kristick

S Chris Maragos

FB Brit Miller

DT Khalif Mitchell

CB Karl Paymah

RB Michael Robinson

DT Will Tukuafu

DT Derek Walker

C Cody Wallace

LB Matt Wilhelm

NIGHTHAWK4749 04.09.2010 08:25 PM


Originally Posted by uk49ersfan (Post 1172930)
The 49ers have released 22 players

I think we cut the right people, Glad we kept Alex Boone he's a good O-Linemen. :)

!! GO 49ERS !!

axelf565 04.09.2010 08:37 PM

deffo a few suprises:

robinson - seemed to be a coaches favourite on special teams but never performed on offence
wilhelm - trusted backup who knows the system - with mckillop out only leaves rookie bowman now

this team deffo has singletarys name all over it.

by the way glad to see the back of wallace, never performed!

WillyJLass 05.09.2010 11:24 AM

Not surprised by Robinson getting cut at all. When we did the mock drafts back in the Spring, I wrongly predicted the CJ Spiller selection, but my reason for the selection was the Niners had no more need for Robinson. Of course I would've NEVER predicted the Coffee departure nor would I had guessed the Niners would pick up Westbrook either. I'm glad Anthony Dixon looks like he's gonna work out well though. Wilhelm was definitely a bigger surprise though. He was so reliable last season. Zeigler was also a better choice to keep than Hill. Zeigler got better this off-season.

shaunovery 05.09.2010 05:30 PM

roster cuts
overall most of the right choices were made, dont agree with cutting hill is favour of ziegler, hill never really had the chance the 2 yrs.cant see how there going to work westbrook into the offense maybe 3rd down ,

WillyJLass 07.09.2010 12:12 AM

Nooooooooooo! They got rid of Nate Davis!

uk49ersfan 07.09.2010 06:04 AM


Originally Posted by WillyJLass (Post 1176474)
Nooooooooooo! They got rid of Nate Davis!

and signed Troy Smith

Bean49 07.09.2010 07:44 AM


Originally Posted by WillyJLass (Post 1176474)
Nooooooooooo! They got rid of Nate Davis!

There must be more to this. I know the coaching staff had problems with his work ethic and how long it was taking him to learn the system but why would they keep him around when they named the 53? Just to secure a 3rd QB spot on the roster? I guess we'll never find out.

Personally if he's as lazy/slow as the coaches are making out then it makes sense to get rid and Troy Smith seems an able replacement. I didn't see anything from Nate in the preseason games he's played when he had decent opposition (i.e. Vikings) that made me think he was going to be our QB of the future but then I guess we'll never know now. A lot of people seemed to be pinning their hopes on the fact that Alex will mess up this year and Nate will get a start but to me that just smacks of desperation and we're not the Seahawks :-)

Can't wait for Sunday for the season to start for real, I'm actually more excited than nervous (first time in a long time)!

Arabiandisco 07.09.2010 11:27 AM

I think the coaches just looked at the waivers and asked "is this person better than someone we already have?". And in the case of Troy Smith/ Nate Davis, they decided that he was. And I reckon T Smith does offer more than Davis, so I'd agree with that call.

I do wonder how much of it is to do with Davis' Dyslexia making it harder for him to learn the playbook, but then I'm sure if he'd wanted help he had the appropriate phone numbers. I have some sympathy for him, and every other player who go cut, but such is life in the NFL. Most people can only dream of making a practise squad...

Alex Smith is "the guy" for this year. If it doesn't work out then there's not much scope for excuses, and we'll be fighting with Arizona to draft another QB ;)

WillyJLass 07.09.2010 05:51 PM

Ok, I've moved on from Nate being cut, but why in the world would you pick up Troy Smith? I think he was possibly a bit of a knee-jerk reaction signing after getting rid of Davis. Especially when there were better available (as far as talent) candidates like Colt Brennan or Jevan Snead. But then again, it is third string we're talking about. I'm still willing to keep an open mind with Alex Smith and David Carr as a decent back-up.

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