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Anthony Robinson 29.12.2011 09:09 PM

Jason Taylor
Sad news today on the retirement of a great player at the end of the season.He will be greatly missed in the dolphins defence.

FanMarino 30.12.2011 08:35 AM

Welcome to the forum Anthony. JT is a great Dolphin. He's a future HOFer. I know a few Phone fans hold against him he played for the Jets but that was down to the Dolphin front office not giving him a contract. JT will always be a great Dolphin to me.

Cornishman32 30.12.2011 12:11 PM

Not sure who would vote that he is not a great player?? Whoever it was is either having a joke, or does not know anything about football. The guy is 5th all time in sacks, has several other impressive stats for a D-Lineman, and has a great shot at the Hall of Fame. That means he is a great player. There can simply be no arguments against that.

I'm sad to see him retiring. He was a great player and a model citizen for the Fins. I agree completely with FM. I never held it against him for joining the Jets. The Dolphins pretty much forced his hand on that one. He wanted to resign for Miami, but they didn't offer him a contract. The Jets offered him a contract, so he didn't have much choice.

Csonka#39 30.12.2011 12:18 PM


TAXI for single lonely person with no clue. . . :eek::eek::eek:

kirky555 30.12.2011 12:28 PM

He is, and always will be a dolphins great. A true professional not only on the field but away from it. I dont really hold the Jets season against him and at the end of the day he came back to finish his career here.

I dont mind saying that i was surprised at how well he has performed this season and I think he could play on if he wanted to. I imagine the fact that a new coach will be coming in has played a part in his decision. He'd rather make the decision to leave now than wait for a new coach to call time on his career.

The Finsiders had a great little montage of radio calls from some great plays he made in his time. Worth a listen, brings back memories!

rob_tkd 30.12.2011 12:30 PM

Great player and I'm a Jets fan. Sadly the Jets didn't get to see him play at his best for them

Crash11 30.12.2011 07:40 PM

[QUOTE=Csonka#39;1490851]WHO. . I repeat WHO ON EARTH VOTED NOT A GREAT PLAYER??:eek:

Probably Wayne........;)

Crash11 30.12.2011 07:46 PM

Although a great player calls for his number to be retired, and a place in Canton are a bit premature.

His stints at the Redskins and Jets shouldn't count against him (but will) as really the Dolphins twice wanted rid, but twice came crawling back, and to his credit held no ill will to the franchise.

I feel Canton is out of reach and do feel strongly against #99 being retired. If thats the case retire #54 as well. Zach Thomas is as much an integral part of recent Dolphins history as JT

wayne ellis 30.12.2011 09:38 PM


Originally Posted by Csonka#39 (Post 1490851)

Probably Wayne........;)

Is that a dig??!!! :D

Didn't vote actually but, although I hated him as a Dolphin (and he'll undoubtedly do something this Sunday to make me hate him even more), I admit he has been a great player over the years and was a model pro for us.....

stocksy 02.01.2012 12:02 PM

Great Player. Should never have left Phins for Jets.. But was a great Pro for us.

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