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Montanamagic 28.05.2014 02:25 PM

Bill Walsh: Not Just A 49ers Legend
You have to read this. It's brilliant.

Packman12 28.05.2014 02:32 PM


Originally Posted by Montanamagic (Post 2053896)
You have to read this. It's brilliant.

Legend, man your team had such class back then!

KillerKixx 28.05.2014 04:46 PM

Bill Walsh is the definition of class, him and Tom Landry when you look up Class should be who you see in the NFL dictionary, I thoroughly recommend the book "The Score Takes Care Of Itself" it's a fantastic read into the mindset of Coach Walsh and the foreword is by Joe Montana. And to think nobody said he would succeed because he was too soft spoken playing a "finesse" brand of football...

great article thanks for the link!

RIP Coach.

HolyRoller10 28.05.2014 05:15 PM

Always preferred the Walsh style and coaching tree vs. the Bill Parcell's - Belichick coaching tree - East Coast stinker never give you a compliment - bully style - with everything being about defense.

Walsh showed that you don't have to be an a-hole to be a great coach - just like Landry. The American mindset from youth sports to high school to college to the pros was that football coaches had to be total jerks to get you going in this viscous sport - cuss, swear, hit you, toughen you up. My coaches in high school didn't know any other word but the F-word - and they loved nothing more than to grab your facemask and forcibly move you into position in some drill.

HolyRoller10 28.05.2014 05:21 PM

Also, Walsh will never die because of one play.

Sprint Right Option.

Everybody still runs it - at every level - especially in college for the two-point conversion.

Sprint Right Option is also the play for "The Catch."

"Roll, ROLL, ROLL. Roll Montana, Roll Montana....HURRY HURRY!!!"

Manning knows what's up.

HolyRoller10 28.05.2014 05:31 PM

Also - from that article - this is maybe the greatest NFL picture of all-time...

What a gem...

rivaled only by Johnny...the poster child...


Montanamagic 28.05.2014 06:12 PM

I agree Holy, on both counts.

mde203 28.05.2014 06:16 PM

It's interesting how influenced he was by his time in Cincinnati, and how different things could have been.

Had Greg Cook not got injured Walsh doesn't need to develop his offense for a weak-armed quarterback, and he's not the man who develops what becomes known as the West Coast Offense.

Had he been given the job in Cincinnati once Paul Brown retired maybe he never ends up in San Francisco; maybe Montana never ends up in the right system and maybe it doesn't come together. Hey, maybe it all comes together in Cincinnati instead.

Strange how many little turns there are in the road where things could be so different.

plusmatt 28.05.2014 06:29 PM

Anybody who hasn't read 'Genius' the story of Bill Walsh should.

A real eye opener to people who only know his name as a coach, as I did before I read it.

A credit to the organisation. RIP.

Montanamagic 28.05.2014 06:44 PM

Image cred to 49ers media.

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