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fenboy73 15.08.2012 12:32 PM

Twitter List
Just thought it would be an idea for people to post the twitter names and teams support so others have the option of following them or following back.

I'm a Saints fan and can be found at @stepheng1973

crocodilemarko 15.08.2012 01:02 PM

Jets fan, don't like the Patriots @crocodilemarko

WalkMan 15.08.2012 01:24 PM

Cardinals fan, follow me @NckWalker

cheshiremulisha 15.08.2012 01:54 PM

Stiller fan @cheshiremulisha

Will follow anybody that follows me back, if you're interested in following other steeler fans we have a list in the steeler sub forum.

Blumi 15.08.2012 03:30 PM

Although I'm a Patriots fan, I tweet about the NFL in general.


plusmatt 15.08.2012 04:13 PM

I dish out fantasy football opinion and advice. Would love to chat FF with any of you!


Buccaneer#95 15.08.2012 04:24 PM

I'm Irish and write on the NFL, mainly Buccaneers and a fair few other sports like rugby, soccer, GAA etc. @cphilpott95

unknown brother 15.08.2012 04:49 PM

I'm @NickVarney90. I'm following you all, mwhahaha!

DanGoshen 16.08.2012 01:03 PM

Giants fan- DanielGoshen

bantamfan 16.08.2012 06:10 PM

@BCFCBH Carolina Fan- off to Chicago for the NIU-Iowa game in 2 weeks at Soldier Field.

Also follow South Carolina

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