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the_walrus 05.10.2012 07:57 AM

Blame Brees?

COuldn't see a discussion of this going on anywhere, so thought I'd throw it out on the stopp & see if the cat licks it up. The article is clearly very biased against Brees, regardless of the facts, but I do think he could've done a lot more in the situation to justify his saviour mantle...

DarrenSQh 05.10.2012 08:40 AM

An anti Drew/Saints feature on the NFL's website, im shocked. I think someone is trying to keep in with the boss.

Drew nearly single handedly won us that game on sunday, even if he accepted less will still couldnt have kept porter and nicks. The real problems are that we miss SP and the D is terrible.

If anything that article just makes me realise what an idiot Adam Schein is, it just seems to be controversial for the sake of it.

moss022 05.10.2012 10:36 AM


Because Brees didn't sign the deal, the Saints couldn't franchise all-pro guard Carl Nicks, who left to go to Tampa. Cornerback Tracy Porter also left. Marques Colston came back, but Robert Meachem, excellent at stretching the field, fled to San Diego.
thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard, sure Nicks left but we replaced him with Ben Grubbs. Tracey Porter and Robert Meachem have nothing to do with brees besides we had depth at WR look at the season Lance Moore is having.

this whole article is a joke

Substitute 05.10.2012 12:59 PM

I have to admit the article does reach a bit. But there is a certain logic that the Saints overpaid Brees. There is an argument for paying a man what he deserves - but in the NFL the more you ask for, the more it harms your team. For the Saints, this is not particularly this season. But a couple of years down the line it'll hit. Of course we're better with Brees - but we'd be better with Brees and an extra quality player perhaps?

Greg M 05.10.2012 01:10 PM

I'm completely indifferent to Brees, but that article is clearly nonsense.

the_walrus 05.10.2012 03:14 PM

I disagree with a lot of the aricle myself, but there does seem to be a worrying trend with superstar players taking a hard line, perhaps even being greedy, as regards contracts. CJ2K being the obvious example.

I'm not floating conspiracy theories here, but it does seem that Brees played out of his skin in a contract season and now he's got a lot of that money in the bank, his performance has dropped. I've only seen two games this year because of the blackouts, but he hasn't seemed as angry at himself for screwing up as he was last year. I'm starting to think he's decided it's not going to be a Super Bowl season, and now all he's interested in is breaking another record and taking another bow. I'm prepared to eat these words in another 4 weeks if he's totally turned around, but somehow I doubt I'll be needing to...

mattchew 05.10.2012 04:39 PM

There was some truth in the article, although it was OTT in it's presentation.

The cap hit is damaging for the future, we won't be able to pay Jimmy what he will
deserve once his rookie contract is up for example.
Also missing the off season while he was holding out didn't help especially with the
coaching upheaval in the off season, we needed our team captain more than ever
during the summer.

But to park all of the blame on his door step is wrong IMO.

Scots Warrior 07.10.2012 08:48 AM


Originally Posted by DarrenSQh (Post 1660484)
what an idiot Adam Schein is, it just seems to be controversial for the sake of it.

Spot on! has been littered with some very poor articles this season and this is one of them.

Saints are on the march starting with SD.

DarrenSQh 08.10.2012 08:20 AM

Drew was excellent last night. A near perfect game without the unlucky INT.

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