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Originally Posted by paulwebster09 View Post
Walked into Twickenham, no queue for the bar beforehand or at half time. Got a bus back to Waterloo after which had it not been for the Chelsea game would have taken 50 mins. The train out was full but not unpleasant.

All in all I enjoyed it, only criticism is far more people are interested in beer and food than the game it's self do it was constant up and down for me. My seats at Wembley are much better, so I don't suffer from that.
I had good seats with the front row of the top tier by the 30 yd line. Great view.

Unfortunately I was sitting beside someone who got up about 10 times for beers and toilet visits, and returned during the middle of gameplay. Frustrating at first and then infuriating. Of course he got up and went home with 3 mins left and the Rams in possession trailing by 7. Why do they even bother?

The stadium itself is old and tired and not up to NFL standard. The lack of escalators is a joke.

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