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Originally Posted by IrishTexan View Post
Im picking a team to support and Its down to the Chiefs,Texans or Titans
So I was wondering why do you support the Texans
I think supporting the Texans might be a good idea because they have never made it to the playoffs so all their best moments are ahead of them
and they play in a great stadium
Also, whats Houston like to visit?

I'd like to make a case for the Jags. We are in the AFC South along with the Texans, Colts & the Titans - we meet up twice a year....there is an intense rivalry between the Titans & Jags - every game is intense & dramatic.
The Jags are in re-building mode & YOUNG - there is only way to go & that is up. We have the best fan site & if you check in with Vic Ketchman "Ask Vic" every day -you will develop a sound knowledge of the game & he's hilarious.
Jacksonville is a lovely place to stay for a visit (beaches, palm trees, etc) -come in November for a game & sit in 70 degree weather under blue skies.
The Jags are a hard hitting smash mouth physical football team - they will make you fall in love one week & hate them the next but that's because they are young. Our team will be contenders very soon - you really should come along for the ride..
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