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I think the Packers and Broncos have the best shot at it this season.

The NFC West is a beast. Hard to see any team running that table. McCarthy has shown he knows how to handle the North. Fair amount of chaos in the Afc West.

If the Packers' rookies have a stormer, and if the line holds up, and if the D holds up, and if Aa God doesn't get splattered...

Rodgers to Cobb/Nelson/Jones/Finley with Lacy/Franklin/Cobb out of the backfield.

If we stay healthy then there's a teeny tiny chance. A teeny tiny smidgin of a half chance.

If we get to our bye 3-0... well, ye never know. If Aa God has a rating of 122.5 again, with a run game and a healthy D...

Hey, a man can dream.
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