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This has all been an interesting insight into the workings of the NFL, but some of the arguments seem a bit creepy...
"For Bon Jovi, it’s the latest negative twist for a guy quietly regarded in league circles as destined to own a team. (He may be, but it probably won’t be the Bills.)" (PFT)
Destined? The chosen one? It does take skill to persuade 24 out of 31 league owners to accept your bid (that's what's required). But if they already like you, it's hardly some magic "destiny".

Other articles were just poorly thought-through. Dan Levy does seem to know a lot of Bon Jovi songs, if that's a substitute.
With all due respect to the fine city of Buffalo, the Bills have not won a playoff game since December 30, 1995, and the fans have the temerity to place demands on new ownership groups, while maintaining this Crazy Love for the former owner. (BR)
Probably didn't think too hard about the logic of that. Maybe just aiming to be provocative. (Go easy on him, there must've been a harsh deadline or something.)

There's tons of info in these articles about how a wide-eyed hopeful billionaire can achieve his/her destiny and become an NFL owner as a hobby: (from last year) (more Bills-relevant)

Buffalo was one of the least expensive franchises to buy – it cost just 25,000 dollars. Granted, that was in 1959. But getting the Chicago Bears for $100 might be the bargain of the century...


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