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Originally Posted by skdav View Post
Off season lack of news prompting journos to write more realignment articles. Oklahoma president recently talking about the Big 12 getting back to 12 teams but talking about the LHN being 'the elephant in the room.' More articles in recent days about possibility of Oklahoma to the SEC and Texas to Pac-12.

Can't see it. Oklahoma won't be going anywhere without Ok State and SEC would only want the Sooners. LHN is a big barrier for Texas going anywhere else.

Cincinnati and Memphis have been mentioned as possible entrants into the Big 12 but not sure they add enough $ to the pot to make it worthwhile.
Yeah they discussed it on the Audible podcast and they summed up the four most likely candidates very well. Cincinnati, Memphis, BYU and UCF are all flawed options so none is ideal but if they want 12 teams then you pick the two you like the most which for me is UCF and Cincinnati.
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