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Originally Posted by Lonestar1963 View Post
Last year we went with 9 O Linemen, and 11 Def linemen so i expect much the same this year, the list i saw today had Gibson as bu LT with Weems and Chaz Green bu RTs-no mention of Collins at all! surely he has to make the 53? my OL would be the 5 from last year obviously, Bernabeau makes 6 Collins 7 Weems as the swinger makes 8 then either Gibson or Green its a shame talented players like Dill and Fortenberry look like missing out although they can still make the practice squad of course-also do we need a long snapper? can Frederick not fill in this roll? saving a roster place? also we went with 5 safetys but i think with Jones we might go 4 ?
Long Snapper is a pretty specialised position, plus I don't think putting Frederick in there would be the smartest of moves. How would you feel if you lost your All Pro center to injury whilst filling the role of long snapper? I don't doubt Frederick could do it, but he'd have to devote extra time in practice to it, plus take more snaps in a game. It just isn't worth it.

As for the bigger picture - I expect Collins will be a back up Guard. Based on nothing other than his draft status and draft reports, they probably try to get Gibson on to the Practice Squad. Dill and Fortenberry might have drawn praise from the media at camp, but just bare in mind the expectation levels for these guys are a little lower. Not to say they didn't play well, but when the expectation is less it's easier to impress.

LT - Tyron Smith (Weems)
LG - Ron Leary (Collins)
C - Travis Frederick (Berandeau)
RG - Zach Martin (Berandeau)
RT - Doug Free (Green)

The very fact they rotate on the D line means they'll try to carry more D linemen than O linemen. They will lose an intriguing D line guy to another team when all this shakes out because they can't keep them all. Hardy, Lawrence, Crawford, Gregory, Mincey, Hayden, McClain, Gardner, Russell, Bishop, that's 10. 6 DE's, 4 DT's. Of the other 6 D linemen currently on the roster I'd say Jack Crawford might make it as he can slide inside. That would be 11.

RE - Hardy (Mincey, Gregory)
1DT - Hayden (McClain, Bishop)
3DT - Crawford (J.Crawford)
LE -Lawrence (Gardner, Russell)

When it comes to Safety I think you have to keep Special Teams in mind. Danny McCray was brought back with that thought. To be honest, you look at the roster and they only have 4 guys anyway. Church and Wilcox as starters, then Heath and McCray. Like you said, it depends how you view Byron Jones. At Corner you have Scandrick, Carr, Jones, Patmon, Corey White and Mo, and you can't really count Mo at this stage. That would be 9 DB's, 10 with Mo.

Church (Heath)
Wilcox (McCray)



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