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I'll be returning for my second (and third) IS games this season.

Didn't think of playing bingo, that is a great shout though. Might have to make some cards up for us to fill in!

I spent most of my time last year playing spot a Cardinal, any Cardinal. Only, playing that game do you realise how many 49er fans there are in this country!

Finally found a jersey on ebay this last week for a sensible price. It's an old (reebok) away one, that looks massive on me (even when padded out with my thickest hoodie), but I don't care, I love it

Can't imagine there'll be too many Cardinals road shirts there, so keep your eye out for me if your playing road team bingo!

Trouble is now I have finally taken the plunge on a Jersey... it's now made me want a smaller, nike home one too...
(must resist the urge to buy one... I don't have the money... I can't afford it...)
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