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After this combine I get the feeling Christian Hackenberg (Penn State) to the Cowboys at no.34 is going to pick up some momentum. Just listening to the guys at the combine talk about Hackenberg's arm strength makes me wonder if a team like the Cowboys, where he can sit for a year or two and improve his accuracy, would be a decent landing spot. Going after a strong armed QB, who needs some refinement, outside of rd 1 would allow them to get immediate help for 2016 at no.4. It might be better to address needs in that order rather than the other way round. Obviously the chips have to fall right in order for you do that.

Hand size is very topical at the combine, Hackenberg has 9" hands, same as Jared Goff. He looks heavier set (223lbs) compared to Goff (215lbs) which might help with putting some extra zip on the ball. He has some bad tape but people talk about how terrible the Penn State O line was over the last couple of years and how that could be half the issue.

That '2nd group' of QB's with 'plus' physical traits is going to be interesting to follow in the next month. Hackenberg, Driskell, Prescott etc.
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