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Originally Posted by Lonestar1963 View Post
Billings looks awesome on what i,ve seen,
I can't settle on Billings. He's a bit of a 'tweener' from what I've seen, not a traditional run stuffer, not a traditional 3 technique. At times he can destroy centers when he's lined up over the top of them, his upper body strength (weight lifting) is too much for them. At other times though I've seen him get hung up on guards, or give ground, which makes me worry/wonder about his lower body strength (although I bet he can squat a small car due to his weight lifting background).

If you can get him going laterally he can struggle, yet at other times he does a good job of slipping off blocks (hand strength?) and avoiding the trash around his feet. Like I've said he can be really disruptive at times. Going back to the change of direction/lateral point, he recorded a 3 cone drill of over 8 seconds. I think only 4/23 DT's recorded times over 8 seconds.

Some people say he's very raw, so who knows perhaps some of his 'failings' are down to technique, something that can be addressed at the next level. He's 6'1 which can be a blessing and a curse.

Like I said, I haven't quite settled on where he fits into what is a very deep/talented DT class.
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