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Originally Posted by RichardCunliffe View Post
From MMQB 'Jerry Jones, one observer said, turned to Garrett right about here and said: “The question is, can we really afford to lose two good players—good players—and take a guy as a hedge for the future? I think I’d rather give this two and three and have Lynch … or have [Mississippi State quarterback] Dak [Prescott] in the fourth.”

So no mention of Coonor Cook? The guy you tried to trade up for? Before taking Prescott? This is why I can't trust all this 100%.

Back to the board though. Did they take the 2 QB's (Goff and Wentz) off their board to begin with knowing they were going 1 & 2? Did it look like this:


1a Ezekiel Elliott
1b Jalen Ramsey

3 Leonard Floyd

Deforest Buckner?
Sheldon Rankins?
Vernon Hargreves?
Laremy Tunsil?

12 Paxton Lynch
13 Emmanual Ogbah
14 Jaylon Smith
15 Myles Jack?
16 Noah Spence?

Shaq Lawson must have been lower than Lynch?
At the time of the discussion I don't think they thought Cook would be there. I think they knew Prescott would be.

I think the draft board you have put together is about right. I do think they had the QB's in the order Goff, Lynch,Wentz.

I wonder if they look to trade McFadden in the hope of getting a late pick. Only got 1 year left on his deal. (Chargers,Ravens?)
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