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Welcome to the forums. I certainly wouldn't say you need to stop "babbling". It's nice to see some actual content, as opposed the same one or two sentence tropes.

By en large I agree with you. I think you've got a good handle on the various permutations the Bears have to contend with.

I disagree that Landry Jones is an option. Personally, I see him as nothing more than a career backup. I also think trading for Garoppolo would be a huge mistake (I've written two long posts on my rationale in the "Jimmy Garoppolo" thread, so I'll leave it at that) and I don't think AJ McCarron is anything more than a placeholder QB.

The only potential guy I can envision being tempting is Tyrod Taylor. That's if he gets cut. AND is at the right price. I think he's got many of the qualities you want, and we have the parts on the o-line to run an offence he could succeed behind (unlike Buffalo) - although we'd need a more fleet of foot RT than Massie (who is awful anyway).

In terms of what we have, I think you obviously try to keep Hoyer. He wasn't just solid, he was damned good, before getting hurt. But I think he'll find a bigger contract and chance to win a starting job on the open market. I'd have no issue with keeping Barkely. If we draft a guy at #3, he'll end up as starter, almost certainly anyway.

Beyond that, I think it's got to be via the Draft. And while it's tempting to try to find a shortcut that allows us to get a QB later, and address the other areas we need, I think that's foolish. Depsite perceptions, Dak Prescott and Russell Wilson are rare. In terms of finding success from mid-round picks (and I think Dak's success is largely a product of being part of a great offence). History shows that most told tier QBs are found at the top of the Draft. While history is littered with busts, you simply have to roll the dice when you get the opportunity. Chances are, we won't be back in this position again for a long time.

Ultimately, that pick has to be simply the player the scouts and GM like most. My personal belief is that Trubisky feels like the best prospect. I'm a big believer that accuracy is the hardest thing to change. Trubisky has that. The rest is down to him. I think Mahomes sill go in the top 15, maybe top 10. I think he's the most exciting prospect. Perhaps I am scared by recent experiences with Cutler, but there's some similarities. Watson is going to polarise. But I think he's flawed as a pro passer tbh. Intangibles like leadership are a nice plus, but they're not essential - not if you can't hit throw to a spot consistently.

In the end, many Bears fans seem to want us to take Jonathan Allen. And I can see why, he's a great prospect. But as JJ Watt and Aaron Donald prove, having All-Time great D-lineman won't get you anywhere without a QB. Fans never seem to want the QB pick. But it's the smart move - unless you actually hate all the prospects.

As for John Fox, I don't think he's in trouble yet. I think we'll give him this year and next. The Bears are not usually rash in coaching changes. But even if we do fire him, I don't get the impression from what I read that Pace and Fox are viewed as one. In fact I think Pace is viewed as extremely safe. And frankly you can see why. His two drafts have landed Eddie Goldman, Adrian Amos, Leonard Floyd, Cody Whitehair (stud) and Jordan Howard. Which, is rather impressive when compared with our historic performance in the Draft. Also, his FA moves have been pretty solid. With Freeman being a spectacular success.
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