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The last couple of years those who used Auto draft did not do too badly, so with a last minute shift change it was auto draft for me.
How the hell can the same computer at NFL HQ that drafted for me then only award itself a C with an expected 12th place finish and a 3-10 record, it should have done better

"Cetacean Nation will be aiming to prove the doubters wrong after garnering a 12th-place projection in UK Aqua and White 1. They aimed for a roster with balance at key positions, selecting a quarterback, two running backs, and two wide receivers within the first five rounds. By the end of the draft, Cetacean Nation secured the most prolific pair of quarterbacks in the league."

Shame I can't play 2 QB's then. Brees and Tyrod Taylor.
Those of you who made the draft must have been chuckling away with the rich pickings available - I got two kickers
My back ups feature 3 players who I have never heard of and when I clicked on their names even the FF site says there is no information available. My starters have two who are currently injured.
Its gonna be long season.
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