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You will always be able to get a ticket. It is just a question of whether you can get one at the original point of sale at the original price. Do as the poster above suggested first, but if you don't succeed this is not the end of it. Lots of people buy tickets and then find they cannot go. Websites like Twickets sell tickets at face value plus a small booking fee (and the seller can recoup the booking fee they paid too). I used this last time and was happy with the service and the price. But for more popular games Twickets often doesn't have tickets as fans can sell for more money due to high demand - so in that case you may need to use Stubhub or similar, where the market sets its own prices and these rise or fall depending on popularity.

One comment: I think the NFL is normalising the international games more and more and I wouldn't be surprised if we did not know the full details until the end of April when the rest of the schedule is released. An additional complication this year is we don't even know where the Raiders will be based this year and things like stadium availability wherever they end up (Oakland, Las Vegas, San Diego, somewhere else) will impact the schedule making and therefore also the London schedules.
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