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"Last season Florida played as many games in front of sub 80,000 crowds as Clemson did sub 35,000."

That has as much to do with the capacity of stadiums as it does any thing else. Wake Forest and Duke both have stadiums with a capacity of less than 35,000. 5 ACC stadiums have capacities of less than 60,000. (I include both Maryland and Syracuse in that list). The only 2 ACC schools with Stadium capacities in excess of 80,000 are Clemson and Florida State. The only two SEC schools with capacities of less than 60,000 are Mississippi state and Vanderbilt. 8 SEC schools have capacities in excess of 80,000, and 2 (Alabama and Tennessee) can seat 100,000+. The only game Florida played at a small stadium last year was at Vanderbilt.
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