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Originally Posted by Alex_C21 View Post
Hi everyone,

Me and a mate have booked train tickets to London on the 1st October, however we failed to get tickets in the initial sale and resale for the Miami Dolphins v Saints game. As a Dolphins fan I'd hate to miss out on any part of the Dolphins being in London, so we've decided to make a day of it and travel anyway. At the moment we haven't purchased any tickets from resale websites as the prices are ridiculous, with all of the added hidden fees etc.

My question is, what are the best bars/pubs in London or around Wembley, which are guaranteed to have the game on and may have a good atmosphere?
I understand most will be in the stadium watching the game but not all of us were lucky enough to get tickets! Or any other suggestions for how to make the best out of the situation?

Thanks for any help in advance

P.s. Hope all the phins fans attending enjoy the game and cheer them on - Phins up!
Firstly, there are plenty of tickets for this game being offered @ face value by fans with spares on the various UK NFL Facebook groups and other social media. You shouldn't have any trouble getting some provided you're not too chosy and you check the groups regularly.

Secondly, you will be able to get tickets on the day - touts are active around the stadium, particularly Wembley Park - and prices fall as kickoff looms.....

Thirdly, all the pubs around the stadium (as well as the official "tailgate" fan rally, which you DON'T need a ticket for) will be busy with NFL fans before the game. There's a big Fins Fans event @ Watkins Folly on Empire Way from early on gameday which may interest you...... !! - who knows, there might be someone with spare tickets as well...... !!

I've no idea which places around Wembley would show the game in the pub (don't forget it clashes with EPL on Sky) but I'm sure at least one place will,even if it's only on a secondary screen....... Failing that, you could check if the "official" Fins fan venue (Hard Rock Cafe, details on will cater for people who want to watch it.
But hey, just get yourselves some tickets instead, it'll be much better.....
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