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Originally Posted by European Bob View Post
What team has 3 home games in a row every year?
All of the transatlantic ones.

Seriously though, if has often been discussed that a London franchise would likely to play their games in such blocks to reduce the impact of travel. Which is usually given as the biggest logistical problem and meaning such a team could never be competitive. I am sure I remember it originally being part of the justification for the league wanting to test whether fans turn out to consecutive games.

Quite possibly a London team would play in two blocks of three games and one block of two, both home and away.

And whilst teams are offered a subsequent bye week, that only allows games to week eleven in mid-November. And there is usually an international window around that time limiting Wembley's availability as England will usually be at home then.

But there was already a week ten game in 2014. And having games in weeks three and four will encourage teams to delay their bye week, which will then make it easier to argue that such byes are not necessary. Only four teams have not taken a subsequent bye, but those were all after games in those weeks.

I also would not be surprised if there were concerns about playing on a grass pitch later in the year, when the perceived risk of rain is higher. That is not a problem with Tottenham having a dedicated artificial field. It also gets around the problem of having to fit around England soccer games.

But I do not see any team easily giving up a home game in December when they would hope to be fighting for a playoff position. There is only so much the league can force them to do.
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