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Originally Posted by r.hart.09 View Post
Is there any spaces left in this? If so, where can I sign up. Trying to get involved in some fantasy football for next season.
You'll be first come Wednesday as per the original message.

The NFLUK Dolfan Keeper League has been created.
For 1 week ending midnight 13/6/12 entry will be restricted to those who's names are already in League 1 or 2 of our existing leagues or on the waiting list on page 1. After that anyone with a Dolfan logo next to their name can join until a maximum of 4 divisions is reached.
Let me know if you'd care to join. I'll PM you the password.
Currently set for 10 teams in two conferences with 3 players that can be kept.
Everything is flexible at the moment.
I know sod all about keeper leagues and will gladly hand over as League Manager to anyone who even has the vaguest idea what they are doing.

First Question. Should this league have a different thread?
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