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Default Bengal blog

Hello there,

Just thought I'd draw your attention to a blog I have been writing on the Bengals and uploading to the websites of the papers I work for in the West Midlands.
I started it off a couple of years ago and it was originally focused on all US sports. Over the time this became just the NFL and this year I resurrected it to just focus on the Bengals (a decision I may rapidly reconsider to avoid constant repetition)

You can read the latest entry, focusing on my trip to Cincinnati (self-funded) for Monday Night Football here:
It's obviously already out of date and I'll be posting another entry later in the week - probably Thursday.
I'd welcome any comments, good or bad, feel free to slag off my views (and prose) if you wish as this will all help boost the hits.
Clearly the blog is in something of a backwater in its current location and I'm planning to move it to a site of its own in the next couple of weeks.

Once again, thanks for reading this shameless plug.

Matt Maher
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