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Originally Posted by Bengalsman View Post
One super bowl win and 9 years of misery? Does that make the team waaaaay overdue!!? :0p

Yeah Matt that blog was good and some interesting places in Cincinnati I haven't been so will use that info when I hopefully go next autumn.
I'm pretty damn glad I didn't go to Cincinnati this year, if I was not going to go one season then this would be it so my condolences on witnessing yet another Bengal travesty. On the flip side no matter how bad your team plays its ALWAYS good to be there.
Its kinda weird but when I'm there in PBS I just feel I fit, that little cold shiver down your neck as Welcome to the Jungle is played as the players hit the field and the fact that me wearing orange and black is 'normal' behaviour! I can talk to people about the Bengals and the NFL and speak to them for hours and they never have that 'I'm bored look' that my missus has after 3-4 seconds of me wittering on.
Alls good now. I have retracted into my 'Bengals are crap' way of viewing the games like I used to at the back end of the nineties and early noughties. Its less painful that way. This week my mate came round and we watched the game live again on gamepass. When the Bengals started to come back and do their usual 'teasing' that they always do that used to make me sit on the edge of my seat... well.... that didn't happen on sunday night...simply I said to my mate 'don't be decieved mate, keep watching and you'll see them stuff it all up...I don't know how but somehow, in some way they will screw this up'

Sure enough they did, my blood pressure remained stable and the cardiologist didn't need to be bleeped... try it folks - it actually works!
Yeah that's how I watch the games as well!

I was going to head over for the Ravens game, gutted I missed that one! Will try to get over next year though...
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