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Originally Posted by Jonny73 View Post
Is Steelers Defense Nick Halling?

Whoever he is, I hope he's right. If Sky dropped the NFL, I'm sure ESPN will step in and then there might not be any Game Pass blackouts.
Is there any reason to think there would be no blackouts if ESPN took over? Any broadcaster is going to want to protect their investment by maximising subscriptions; Sky is hardly alone in that. Of course, there is equally no reason why a rights deal couldn't be reached that would mean no blackouts but I suspect any broadcaster would not be willing to pay as much as they would for some degree of exclusivity. So it's down to the NFL as well.

Lets not kid ourselves that fairness to the potential paying audience will have any bearing. Just get as much money out of the punters, baby. People can hate on Sky as much as they want. But it hardly seems fair to those for whom Game Pass is not an option to suggest that one group of fans should be disenfranchised just so that another can get everything they want. I should say I fully support the arguments of Game Pass subscribers - the blackout rule stinks. I just don't think that 'get rid of Sky' is the answer.

I wonder if the Commish is going to do a repeat of last year's Q & A session with UK fans as part of the build up to the IS game? If so, that seems an ideal opportunity to vent all frustrations. Not that it would do much good, I fear.
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