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So, what's everybody's opinion now that we're three games into the season?

On the plus side, RGIII is exactly as advertised. Unfortunately, the same can be said of the O-line and secondary.

The offense has been able to contribute a minimum of three touchdowns (don't forget: one defensive touchdown in each of the past two games) per game and there's been a reduction in turnovers. Definitely an improvement thus far. However, the offense does go through periods of being completely ineffective (as in seasons past). Largely, the problem comes when they're ineffective on first and second down. Those 3rd and longs are killing them. In part this is definitely down to the offensive line play and quite possibly the one thing that's going to be difficult to fix this year. Morris looks good, but how often is he the one doing the hard work to get positive yards out of a difficult situation? So far, I am not impressed by our running attack and I don't blame the backs on this one.

The secondary has definitely regressed. Although we all knew this was a weakness, it is worth considering that the losses have been Landry and Atogwe, who were mostly injured last season anyway and didn't play as much as hoped (and therefore not a great subtraction) and Kevin Barnes, who can be replaced by almost any other CB in the league without much change. Even when they put the opposition in 3rd and Long situations, they give up the first more often than not. An improved pass rush might just help the secondary, but where is it going to come from? Orakpo may be a touch overrated, but he does draw double teams, allowing Kerrigan to do more. Wilson, Jackson and White can't provide that. What might help is as he plays more, Jarvis Jenkins may start to challenge opposing offensive lines, as he looked capable of doing last preseason before going out with an injury. For now, though, he still has a ways to go.

Not having first round picks the next two seasons coupled with the impending cap penalty next year are going to continue to hurt this team. The former wouldn't be as disastrous if it weren't for the latter. The important thing to remember is, providing they don't wear him down quickly with all of the hits, RGIII should be a major asset to this team for some time to come. Next year might not look any better overall, but come year 3, 4 or even 5 of his career, this team could be looking a lot better than it is today.
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