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Reports this week say we're down to three bidding groups – the Pegulas, the Toronto group, and Donald Trump – with Tom Golisano not bidding.

"Binding bids for the Buffalo Bills are due this week and the purchase of the NFL team is essentially down to two bidders – the Toronto Group, led by Jon Bon Jovi and including Larry Tenenbaum and the Rogers family, and Buffalo Sabres owner Terry Pegula.

"Yes, Donald Trump is also expected to submit a binding bid, but his offer so far is way below the other two groups. And besides, given his involvement with the U.S. Football League and casinos, many people do not believe Trump would be approved by the three-quarters of NFL owners required."
I wonder if the Toronto bid could also be stymied, either by Ralph Wilson's estate, or by some NFL owners not giving their approval. As that Forbes article says, with the Bills bound for Toronto, they'd probably still have to play 6 more seasons in Buffalo with fans mutinying. Or even protesting and bringing bad publicity.
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