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Yeah, they were unlikely to pick the Toronto group, but you can never guarantee against crazy decisions.

So, that should be that: Pegula will become the Bills' new owner. And to show his solidarity with the team, who expected a $900m bid, he'll be buying it for 1.4 BILL-ion Oh jeez.

"The price eclipses the previous high of $1.1 billion set in 2009, when Stephen Ross completed his purchase of the Miami Dolphins in a deal that also included the team’s stadium."

Eurobob sums up my feelings too:

Originally Posted by European Bob View Post
Great news. I wouldn't care if Jacksonville or St Louis or Oakland lost a team to somewhere else particularly, but losing a team in Buffalo would have bothered me. It's the kind of town where the team is everything, even if it is not a great team. Smaller, down on their luck towns should be a part of the NFL as well as the big metropolitan powerhouses - that's part of the appeal.
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