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It's easy not to look 295 when you're also 6'7".

I don't think we have a shot at Tunsil, who I'd be sorely tempted to pick if he was available at 3, Bosa isn't a fit in our base D, and none of the other DL are worth the 3rd pick, so for me it's trade down or take Buckner.

If we were to swap to a 4/3 base then I'd be all over Bosa, but he'd be a fish out of water in our scheme and our other LB's aren't suited to playing 4/3 with the exception of Te'o and Perryman who I could both see as serviceable Mikes.

We really need to dump this 1-gap scheme. It leaves our LB's horrendously exposed v's the run, and it doesn't create the 1v1 match ups required for a 3/4 to mount a successful pass rush threat. Get a proper NT on the roster and play the traditional over Center scheme or just forget it and play 4/3.

Buckner isn't the answer to the NT question, but he plays the run well enough from DE, and he'd command more attention from blockers than any of our current DE's aside from Liuget. The problem really lies with the fact that teams can double Liuget and leave the Center 1v1 with whoever we have playing NT. If Bucker also commands more blockers then the lack of a double-team requiring NT becomes less of an issue. Provided the DL is eating 4 or more blockers as a unit then it creates 1v1's on the outside and frees up our LB's. We could also look to grab a pure NT later in the draft. I think there are a few who could last until our pick at the top of the third round the DL class is so deep.

As much as I've gone on and on about our inability to protect Rivers down the years, I actually see the DL as a more pressing need than the OL. The pass protection isn't great, but it wasn't as scandalously poor as we'd seen in 2011/2012 even with the back-ups playing half the starts. The run blocking is utterly hopeless, but I think that's as much to do with the baffling and ineffectual scheme we run. We have these hulking great linemen, yet we run some sort of hybrid zone scheme with a single back setting up in Shotgun most of the time. Yet again, it begs the question what the hell are the staff thinking, as there appears to be no coherent thought or design here. The starters at LT, LG, RG are going to be coming back, so hopefully with improved health and Wisenhunt doing away with this 'god knows what it's meant to be' scheme we should see improvement.

I'm far more concerned about our defences complete inability to stand up at the L.O.S. and prevent bang average running games from having monster days against us week in week out. It's been happening for three straight seasons and I believe it's entirely down to this garbage scheme they have Pagano running. The continued intransigence is unforgivable.

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