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Originally Posted by alit83 View Post
Yeah I went to Houghton, knew I recognised your name from somewhere but couldn't place it. I'm back for the year at the moment doing a PGCE at the uni. You still in touch with anyone from Houghton?

I hope you're right about us covering up a lack of talent, the divisional games worry me though as we're up against coaches who can exploit weaknesses and systems where improvisation can be essential.
Nah I don't keep in touch with anyone from Houghton really, just hi if I see them. How about you?

I think we will be OK this coming year. We have been able to step up at LB the last few years when we have been concerned about our talent levels there, I am sure this year will be no different.

My main concern is the secondary. Which Cromatrie do we get? Will Mathieu be as good? Can Buccannon perform from the get go?
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