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Originally Posted by b182dammit View Post
Nah I don't keep in touch with anyone from Houghton really, just hi if I see them. How about you?

I think we will be OK this coming year. We have been able to step up at LB the last few years when we have been concerned about our talent levels there, I am sure this year will be no different.

My main concern is the secondary. Which Cromatrie do we get? Will Mathieu be as good? Can Buccannon perform from the get go?
Buchannon sounds like he is doing really well as the dollar in the nickle. (I have absolutely NO IDEA what I just typed, actually means. I just read it on the Cards website )

It also sounds like Acho is having more sucess than he has had in the past. Hopefully he has his best year in 2014.
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