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Originally Posted by LesterHayes View Post
I'd agree with this. I posted somewhere that I thought we'd be a lot more competitive and we definitely are that. I think we look pretty good on both sides of the ball and possibly just need to get into a mind set where we believe we can win games?

Last night showed we can shoot it out with the best of them.
Seconded. Last night showed that we are not quite there yet. One more draft/FA to fill holes, as well as signing our own FAs (Crabtree has been a pleasant surprise, a perfect foil for Cooper, and Aldon Smith as long as his legal issues are sorted).

Halfway through the season at 4-4, and apart from the first game blowout (which turned out to be a necessary wake-up call) we have been in every game to the end plus a couple of convincing victories. We're on the right track.
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