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looks like even less chance of the Jets getting their west side stadium

February 22, 2005 -- A company that has been fighting with the city to build a power plant in Brooklyn has made a $700 million offer to buy the West Side rail yards — where the city wants to build a new stadium for the Jets and, hopefully, the Olympics.
The bid, from TransGas Energy, is the third for the site.

Its president, Adam Victor, said yesterday said his company is not necessarily seeking to build over the land, at least for now.

But it's willing to pay the huge amount for the property if the MTA agrees to sign a 20-year contract with TransGas to provide the energy it needs to run its trains.

The city would also have to agree to let the firm build its power plant on North 12th Street in Greenpoint.

If a deal went through, the company would have "no problem talking to the Jets or Cablevision about the land," Victor said.

"To us, the issue is a long-term contract with the MTA."

Victor has feuded for several years with members of the Bloomberg administration including Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff, who've been trying to block the Brooklyn plant.

But he insists his offer is not revenge.

"This is about getting the MTA a new source of power," he said.

"We hope Mr. Doctoroff gets the Olympics."

Doctoroff has been the city's point man in its Olympic bid.

The Brooklyn site that TransGas wants to build on is currently set to become the Olympic aquatic center, under the city's proposal. But Victor said he's willing to negotiate.

After negotiating with the Jets for a year, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority agreed to sell the rail yards to the team for $100 million.

The city also wants to use the stadium for the Olympics and considers it a key element of its bid for the 2012 Games.

Cablevision has waged a battle against the stadium, which would compete with its Madison Square Garden.

It offered the MTA $600 million for the yards, hoping to derail the Jets' plan.

After Cablevision made its move, the MTA opened the bidding to anyone — with a deadline of March 21.

The MTA had no immediate comment.
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