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Also, as a niner fan, you might want to check out Stanford as your team if you want to stick in the area.

Or Cal (based in Berkeley). They're not too hot at the moment though. There are two other big teams in California, both based in LA they are Southern California (almost always referred to as USC) and UCLA.

In short, the four big California teams (in order of how good they are at the moment) are:

Stanford Cardinal
USC Trojans
California Golden Bears
UCLA Bruins.

The three smaller teams in California are Fresno State, San Diego State and San Jose State.

The link below is a map of where all Division 1 teams are based, and the conferences they are in...

I'm sure that some people might take issue with the list below, but I would say that these have been the most successful and big name teams since about 1960 (in no particular order, and with brackets if the where they are based isn't obvious):

Penn State Nittany Lions
Ohio State Buckeyes
Michigan Wolverines
Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Indiana)
Tennessee Volunteers
Alabama Crimson Tide
Florida State Seminoles
Florida Gators
Miami Hurricanes
LSU Tigers (Louisiana)
Texas Longhorns
Oklahoma Sooners
Nebraska Cornhuskers
USC Trojans (California)

College football can seem bafflingly complex to the uninitiated, but is (in my opinion) much more fun than the NFL, for all sorts of reasons. The regular season beats that of any other sport, at any level, for excitement. Losing even a single game can be (and normally is) fatal for a team's national title chances.

Last year's championship was fought out between two of the traditional powerhouses, Alabama and Texas. This year it'll be fought out between the Auburn Tigers (who last won it in 1957), and the Oregon Ducks (who've never won a national title in their 117 year history).

Just two little titbits to give you and idea of how big college football is in the States.

i) There are six American football stadia that hold more than 100,000. None belong to NFL teams - all college teams (Michigan, Penn State, Tennessee, Ohio State, Alabama & Texas).

ii) The Nebraska Cornhuskers play in a smallish city called Lincoln, which is about the size of Derby. Their stadium is comparitively small at just 86,000, but they have sold out every single home game that they've played since 1962 - 48 years!

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